DIY Ombre Wedding Dress

DIY Ombre Wedding Dress Tutorial-1

I’ve seen a few ombre wedding dresses on Pinterest in my time and I’ve always wondered whether a DIY dress would be an option, and let me tell you, it totally is! Sure, it takes a brave person to put dye to a white wedding dress but ours was a real cheap experience! We bought this dress off Ebay for £6 and the dye only cost £2.50. Boom, a dress for less than a tenner! To create an ombre wedding dress for yourself all you’ll need is:

A white dress // Fabric dye (we used one sachet of nylon dye) // Salt // A bucket // Clothes pins // Rubber gloves //

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Step 1: Wash your dress and make sure it’s damp.

Step 2: Prepare your dye in the bucket according to the instructions on your packet.