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Woohoo! It’s Good Friday and you know what that means…Easter is just around the corner…AKA a day filled with eating tons of chocolate! Yep. That’s how I’m going to be spending my weekend! How will you spending yours? Meanwhile it’s been a busy week for us, here’s what we’ve been getting up to and loving on our favourite blogs…Grab yourself an egg, a cuppa and indulge!


Trying out new recipes, this week me & James have cooked this tortellini dish twice and it’s seriously SO GOOD! I love sun dried tomatoes so it’s right up my street! 

Going to a Pub Quiz on Saturday night and coming second! Woohoo! We won £20 haha and they had a Disney round so I was clearly in my element! 

Staring week 4 of the couch to 5K challenge, it seems to be getting harder yet somehow easier every week too?! Either way once I’ve completed that day’s challenge I always feel super good!

Receiving a lovely present from The Watch Hut in the form of a jaw droppingly beautiful mint green Armani watch! I haven’t taken it off since and don’t know how I ever lived without it! 

♥ Watching Big Hero 6!! It was so funny and so cute, I want to get myself a Baymax! 

Baking for Easter! Making a salted caramel and chocolate tart topped with mini eggs is all kinds of yum and perfect for the weekend! 


For date night, Mr T took me to a cinema trip to watch Insurgent! I absolutely loved it! I am such a sucker for these young adult pulp fiction type films. Anyway I highly recommend giving it watch if you haven’t already.

I was also treated to dinner at a Diner , which was actually quite naughty as I am meant to be staying well away from carbs and sugar, but hey ho’ you only live once! Honestly I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I tried the Banana & Peanut butter milkshake. Delicious!

♥ My favourite Liz Earle Essentials Kit arrived this week in time for my holiday. Well when I say in time, I’m not actually going until June but you can never be too organised, right?

♥ Spending the afternoon with my friend Jenny and her little boy, Lucas. I always so much fun with these two! We had lunch, played dress up, raced cars, watched Frozen and painted our nails. All in the day of a 4 year old!

Filming our latest YouTube video! Me and Jess wanted to do something a little different this week and it turned out to be a right laugh. I hope you enjoy it just as much as we did, keep an eye out for it next week!

♥ I have finally finished all 5 seasons of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. It has been a real rollercoaster of ups and downs, I really dont know what I am going to do with myself now! 



Edible Flower Macarons (Photography by Lexi Ward via The Proper Blog)

Strawberry Easter Eggs