Ed & Cassie’s Post Wedding Vintage Industrial Shoot

You guys remember Ed & Cass don’t you?? We featured their wedding last summer and have since watched the couple and their business, Dig Haushizzle grow into something quite spectacular!

If you don’t remember Ed & Cassie then allow me to explain a little… They’re an infectious couple that you just want to get to know more and more! Creativity oozes out of them and both of their fun yet driven personalities never leave you short of an interesting conversation!

B Dig Haushizzle (7)

Matt Somerville had the pleasure of photographing a post wedding shoot with Ed & Cass and we just knew we had to share it with you! Not just because part of the shoot takes place in their unique shop but because there’s something so classic yet so modern about these photos…you’re going to love them! Be sure to check out the rest of Matt’s portfolio too, his work is simply stunning! Over to you Matt…

A Dig Haushizzle (1)

A Dig Haushizzle (2)

“Ed and Cass have spent three years working on Dig Haushizzle, and with an astounding amount of work came their baby – their hip store in Bristol. I was unfortunately booked up for their forest wedding last summer, but couldn’t miss the chance to do a post wedding shoot, showcasing the couples hard work and fantastic end result!

The store itself is full of weird and wonderful oddities, and made for a beautiful scene and a great example of what this newly married couple had achieved; together.”