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Being prepared for something either mentally or physically is an important thing to do, yet why is it, that it is something many of us are terrible at doing. I have never been good at being prepared, at school I would often leave it until the night before to finish an essay or revise for exams and to be honest I haven’t got much better as an adult.

Have you ever heard of the 6 p’s? I am sure I was told all about this at school but along with much of the stuff I learnt as a teenager its gone to the back of my memory bank with little or no hope of return. So for those of you who don’t know about the 6 p’s let me introduce you to a revelation, the 6 p’s stand for PRIOR PLANNING PREVENTS PISS POOR PERFORMANCE. It’s a mantra that stuck with me ever since Jess’s beau (who is also a teacher) introduced me to it and today I am applying it to your wedding day.

If your anything like me wardrobe malfunctions happen on an almost daily basis so whats saying my wedding day will be any different. Therefore I have foreseen 6 of the most popular wedding wardrobe malfunctions and started planning for them now, so as to avoid any further stress on the day. Take note ladies and add these 6 essentials to your wedding day emergency kit.



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As tomorrow marks one year since Mr T and I officially got engaged, I have found my mind wandering back to that amazing night on a beach in Mexico when he shocked me with his surprise proposal (read about it here). Thinking back to it now, I really couldn’t imagine it being any more perfect and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing… except maybe wishing I was better prepared. I could have packed a handbag with a few emergency supplies like tissues and makeup because I didn’t stop crying for an hour straight afterwards and my face definitely needed a touch up and most importantly I wish I had some deodorant! Nothing quite says ‘YES’ like a big sweaty hug, right?

Fast forward a year and as our wedding planning gets underway, I will certainly make sure I am more prepared for our wedding day. We know we want to get married in summer which means it will likely be very hot and as I know I will be nervous on the day, I can bet my bottom dollar that I will be waving my arms around like a mad woman trying to cool myself down. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the most amazing moments are the ones that make us sweat?

We all have worries about the big day, but one of mine is definitely going to be those dreaded sweat patches! So we are excited to partner with Simply Stylist and Dove on their recently launched, Amazing Moments campaign in which the brand puts its Clinical Protection Antiperspirant to the test during a real woman’s surprise proposal to the love of her life. Dove Clinical Protection offers undeniable wetness protection and has ¼ moisturizers to care for skin.

As part of our collaboration we want to make sure you are prepared for the amazing moments in your life by ensuring you have somewhere to stash all your emergency supplies for your wedding day, especially your Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant and what better way than with this stylish clutch.

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You Will Need:

A plain clutch* | Glitter Iron On | Iron | Cricut Explore** |

*Please Note – You will need to make sure the material of the clutch is suitable for ironing) | ** If you would like to try this tutorial but do not own a Cricut Explore, take a look on Amazon for individual Iron On letters.

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Step 1:

Upload the #BESTDAYEVER quote to your Cricut Design Space and resize them to fit your clutch. Mine was approximately 10 inches wide.

Step 2:

Place your Iron On onto a standard grip mat and set your dial to cut Iron On. Following the Instructions on your screen begin cutting out your quote, ensuring that you have mirrored the image.

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