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Me and Emily are huge believers in paying it forward and helping other people out whenever and wherever we can, there’s something so rewarding about bringing a smile to someone’s face, even in the smallest way! Sometimes it’s not always easy to do your ‘daily good deed’ and before you know it time has ticked on without helping some one else out for a while. Well, not anymore. Our friends Saf and Simon have launched the most AWESOME new social network that connects people who need help with people who want to help! You might even be able to help someone from your sofa and earn yourself some ‘karma points’ while you’re at it! It really can be that simple! You can read all about it here and even donate to help fund the social network go even further! We bloody love the idea and can’t wait to get started ourselves! Here’s what else we’ve been loving this week…


Having our styled shoot with Free People and tons of other talented suppliers! We’ll be sharing more about it here soon with a behind the scenes but we were so over the moon with how it turned out and loved the festival spirit of everyone! 

Having my friend Anne come and stay for the weekend, it was so nice to see her and spend time with her! 

Rock climbing! LOL! Who ever thought I would say that, I’m terrified of heights but me, Anne and my sister Lyd headed to a rock climbing centre last weekend and I really enjoyed the challenge! Granted, I freaked out a lot but I was still proud of myself!

Meeting up with Emily, Erin & Helen for lunch at Wagamamas! It was so nice to have loads of blogger chat over a big bowl of yummy noodles!

Lyd’s birthday! We’re going to have a spa day next week as a delayed celebration and I can’t wait to get pampered & massaged! 

Chepstow on a bank holiday, it’s always so much fun because you end up seeing so many people that you haven’t seen for so long! The Rum Bar held a Gatsby themed night too complete with a Photo Booth so naturally we were in it most of the night!


Getting into the festival spirit for our styled shoot with Free People! We are just so excited to share this collab with you!!!

Last weekend was part 2 of my friends hen. We started the day with a quiz over lunch, just to find out exactly how much our bride knew about her groom (if you ask me, we found out a little too much :D) and then that evening was spent drinking cocktails, eating yummy food at Las Iguanas and then on to watch Dirty Dancing! I think it was fair to say our bride ‘had the time of her life’!

It is safe to say I spent the rest of Sunday recovering from the weekends hen shenanigans but as it was bank holiday I couldn’t  be a total lazy bum, so Monday we headed to the garden centre, which sounds very grown up doesn’t it, but I don’t care, I loved it 😀

♥ This week I also become mommy to a new kitty called Nori. She is a rescue, we think about 2 years old and was found living under a hedge. We have no idea how she came to be there but she was never found by her owners and as the original finders couldn’t keep her, I just had to have her with me. I was a little worried at first about how she would be with Mr Popo our man around the house, and at first he was not happy but yesterday I caught them snuggled on my bed together so I think they are going to be best of friends!

Lunch with Helen, Erin & Emily. We talked all things blogging which was lots of fun! 

Exciting talks with Cricut! I can’t say too much (which I know is really annoying) but lets just say uber amazing things are happening!!!



Emoji Clutch DIY (Above photos by Laura Gummerman via A Beautiful Mess)

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