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As I delve deeper into the wedding planning process, I am beginning to realise just how much money a wedding actually costs and I can’t help but feel a little upset at the thought of spending so much money on a day when alot of what we buy will eventually go to waste. I like to think that in our everyday lives we make conscientious decisions to ensure we waste as little as possible and recycle whatever we can, so why shouldn’t the same apply to our wedding, it is just one day after all?

It’s not surprising that one of the main problems many couples will face once their day is over, is what to do with all the leftovers? And I’m not just talking about the food? I’m talking about the decorations, the flowers and then there’s the dress? More than likely it will all end up either in the bin or packed away at home until eventually forgotten about it, which makes me sad.

So it probably comes as no surprise to hear that I have become quite obsessed with the idea of recycling as much as possible for our wedding. Starting with recycling items especially for the day and how I can recycle them again once it is all over and as National Upcycling day is on Friday 24th June, I thought now would be the perfect time to share 8 tips for recycling your wedding.

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1. Reuse, Donate or Sell: Start by making sure everything you buy for your wedding can be sorted into one of the three categories, reuse, donate or sell. This will stop you making any unnecessary purchases beforehand and means you have a plan in place for your items once the day is over, instead of panic boxing everything, to never see the light of day again.

2. Shop Second Hand: Look for unusual decor in unusual places, this could be charity shops, boot sales, pound stores or even sites like Gumtree. You can pick up items like vases so cheaply and with a little bit of DIY, they can look super expensive without the hefty price tag. Check out our recent upcycled teapot DIY – centrepieces never looked so cute and they could totally be reused around the home after!

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3. Recycle: If you would rather not fork out at all, why not look around your home for items that could be used on the big day? The recycling bin is a good place to start! Upcycle old glass bottles by getting artsy and painting them in cool and creative ways! Again these can reused in your own house or packed off to a charity shop where they will be a given a new lease of life in someone else’s home.

4. Takeaway: Say no to food waste and provide takeaway boxes for your guests so that they can take home any leftovers with them or even better donate to them to a soup kitchen.


5. Money Earner: Selling big ticket items such as your wedding dress can be a great way to get some money back after your wedding. If your dress is still in good condition consider selling it on sites such as Ebay or a dedicated preowned wedding dress sites such as Sell My Wedding. You will be surprised at the number of brides who will dying to snap it up and it beats being stuck in the back of a cupboard for the next 20 years!