Wedding DIY: How To Make Lace Crowns

Lace Crowns Wedding DIY

Who doesn’t want to be a princess? I would demand to be treated like a princess everyday if I could and to be honest, Mr T does a pretty good job of make me feel like one. Well I have taken wanting to be a princess to a whole new level and have only gone and created my own crown, made entirely of lace. Me and Jess had so much fun making these and pranced around in them pretty much all day!

Don’t you think that these would be great to make with kids too? Not that I have any but I was considering making them for my cats…

You will need: Lace  Fabric Stiffener  Scissors   Fabric Glue   Large tin or some sort of head sized tin to dry the crown on, (we used a cake stand but I later found a large coffee tin that would have worked way better)  Plastic gloves

Lace Crowns wedding DIY

Step 1: Measure the circumference of the head then cut a length of lace the same size. We tried to follow the pattern of the lace however you can cut whatever crown shape you want, spiky, wavey, the choice is yours.