Doris Loves -Moustache - Temporary Tattoos

Todays post is dedicated to big kids everywhere! If you have taken a good look around BB boutique lately then you will have found a whole load of fun favours for your guests, but today we wanted to share the gifts that will transport your guests back to their childhood. Both myself and Jess are real big kids at heart and we know you guys are too, so here are some of our favourites.

1. Temporary Tattoos (£55) A Temporary Tattoo Station in a Box. This kit contains everything you need to create your own Temporary Tattoo Station, you’ll just need to add water and you’re away!!!


2. Confetti Lollipops (£13.50) Lollipops never looked so classy!

The Letter Loft Neon Wire Letters Decor Wedding Favours

3. Alphabet Letters (£19.99) Spell out your guests initials with these modern, funky typography!

Chocolate Unicorn Kisses The Whimsical Cake Company Unique Favours

4. Chocolate Unicorn Kisses (£12) Stylish and utterly delicious, these chocolate pyramids are filled with cookies and cream. Yummy!

Chocolates by The Whimsical Cake Company

5. Friendly Flump Marshmallows (£8.50) A cute gift bag crammed full of Marshmallow Flumps! Each individually hand painted with edible food colouring.


Woodland Whimsy & Cute Creatures: Ellen & Ben

A Whimsical nature inspired wedding with woodland animals (23)

Can I just say just how much I adore todays wedding, I can totally imagine myself getting married, surrounded by cute furry woodland creatures! A girl can dream right?! Well todays bride Ellen kind of made that dream come true, only the animals were miniature statues and the woodlands were tiny succulents in terrariums, this is a lady with one cool imagination. Lets here what she has to say about her wedding…

A Whimsical nature inspired wedding with woodland animals (15)

A Whimsical nature inspired wedding with woodland animals (20)


DIY Pie Box with Free Printable Label

Free Pie Box Printable Cricut Thanks Giving Party Holiday Favours

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you may have noticed that we invited a couple of our best blogging babes to BB HQ last weekend to enjoy a very American holiday – Thanksgiving! It was a little indulgent to say the least! There was turkey (not for me, I’m veggie) mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, swede and so much more. Then for dessert Jess made a delicious apple and blackberry pie and I accompanied it with a rather boozy hot chocolate.

As you can imagine with all that food, there were a lot of leftovers, so to make sure nothing was wasted and as a special little thanksgiving treat for the girls to go home with, we created these cute and colourful pie boxes! Not only are these perfect for takeaway leftovers, we also thought these would make fab favors too!

Pie Box Printable Cricut Thanks Giving Party Holiday Favours_-6

You Will Need: Printable labels (Click here to download) // Pie Box Template// Glue// White Paper// Cricut Cardstock// Cricut Explore//

Step 1: Head on over to the Cricut Design Space , create a new project and search for ‘Pie box’.

Pie Box Printable Cricut Thanks Giving Party Holiday Favours_-4

Step 2: Following the instructions on the screen continue to cut out the pie box with the Cricut.

Step 3: Now you are ready to assemble the box using glue to adhere the edges together.


Banoffee Dessert In Disguise DIY!

Banoffee Dessert Plant Fun Unique Favors DIY Pudding 6

Yes you did read that title correctly, that cute little plant above is actually a dessert in disguise! How fun would these be to give your guests?! The awesome Curious Fair created these perfect puds so i’m going to hand you over to Natalie & Guy so they can show you how to make these yourself! First of all though, here’s what you’ll need to make 4 desserts…

Banoffee Dessert Plant Fun Unique Favors DIY Pudding 5

1 x Banana // 250g of Digestive Biscuits // 250g of Pack of Bourbon Biscuits // 1 x Can of Carnation Caramel // 1 x Pot of Whipping Cream // 1 x 250g Bar of White Chocolate // 4 x Springs of Mint
100g of Butter // A few drops of red food colouring // Small chocolate moulds or fruit shaped ice trays // 4 x Colourful Pots (Terracota pots are also fun if you have them) // A Pack of lolly pop sticks // A Fineliner