BB Boutique devicesHave you ever had a business idea but insufficient funds to get it off the ground? Or perhaps you have already started your business but need money to grow? Well that is what happened to us 2 years ago. Sat on a sun lounger in Mexico (that’s how all great stories seem to start around here!) I read ‘How To Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table’, written by retail experts Sophie Cornish & Holly Tucker founders of Notonthehighstreet.com. Their story was incredibly inspirational and I totally related, as we too have always been extremely passionate about championing small, unique & innovative wedding businesses on Bespoke Bride.

I thought about how awesome it would be to create a similar platform for weddings, not only selling stylish and personalised items, but also promoting creative services such as photographers, venues and videographers. When I got home I shared the idea with Jess and she was instantly onboard. For some time we had been chatting about how impractical traditional blog advertising had been for our couples and thought this would be a fantastic tool to effectively help couples find the best suppliers to make their weddings personal and unique.

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As we started our search for a web designer we soon realised our business idea was going to be costly and we would definitely need a lot more cash. We exhausted our own savings, took out personal loans and even borrowed money from family but it wasn’t long before that had run out too. By chance we happened upon a competition being held by Upstart Women, looking for women in startup tech businesses like ours to enter for the chance to win a place on a business incubator and a £10,000 investment. This was the first time we had ever seriously considered investment, and we certainly didn’t take it lightly. So after a lot of research we finally decided if we were ever going to grow this little business idea of ours, we would need to take the leap. To our surprise we ended up winning and since then a business idea born on the beaches of Mexico is finally a reality.

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So why raise more investment?

Since its launch, it was soon obvious that we desperately needed more manpower if we were to make BB boutique the success we had always wanted it to be. Some also rather unforeseen circumstances meant we were forced to release a beta version of our site instead of the more complex software we had originally planned, which meant it wouldn’t be long until we would need to find more money to help evolve our software and that is where we are at right now and is why we have turned to ‘crowdfunding’.

We already have an extremely supportive community here at Bespoke Bride, many of you have shared your words of encouragement for both our blog and BB boutique and have told us how excited you are to see us grow! You guys are our ‘Crowd’! And a pretty rockin’ crowd at that!



Vote Bespoke Bride to win best Bridal wedding blog in the Cosmopolitan blog awards 2015

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I absolutely love this time of year! Awards season is well and truly underway and we are so excited to be part of it! Last week we were absolutely thrilled to share with you that we had been nominated for a ‘Best DIY Wedding blog’ in the Wedding Blog Awards 2015 and now we are here to ask for your help again. The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards are back for another year and we would absolutely love to be nominated for a second year in the ‘Best for Bridal’ category!

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I’ve got to be truthful and tell you that I always feel a little uncomfortable writing these posts, I have never been much of a natural at selling myself. I think it is probably the British in me, as I am terribly modest but I honestly think it does us good to make note of our achievements from time to time.

One of the questions you will almost always be asked in any situation where you are competing for something is ‘why do you deserve to win?’ Whether you are in a job interview, applying for an internship or scholarship or like us hoping to win an award, this is something you should always be prepared to answer, which is why I wanted to write this post today.

Since its launch in 2011, Bespoke Bride has changed dramatically! When we started out, we had no idea that our blog would turn into what it is today! We were hobby bloggers, trying to spread the word about our own independent small businesses and gain insight into the ‘industry’. We had no idea what it was to run a business, write a blog or be business partners and we learnt some very tough lessons along the way!