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If there is one thing I can say about this week, is that it has been sooooo much fun! Those of you that were around last Friday will remember that we were attending SNAP Photography festival in Wales and we have been dying to tell you about it ever since! It was such a huge success and we were so honoured to have been part of the last day. Everyone we spoke to gushed about what a crazy, mad, loving, emotional, energetic, supportive and inspiring event it had been and we really got the sense that the week had made strangers into friends! On our arrival we headed straight for a workshop being hosted by Emma Case & Pete Smyth. Although primarily an event for photographers, as bloggers we learned a hell of alot too. I wont go into too much detail about it here as that is another blog post for another day, but I will say,  if you get chance to go to this festival again next year, GO! I have a feeling spaces will be filling up fast!

We kicked off Monday with a photoshoot for our new media pack, with the photography genius that is Craig Dearsley (who always manages to make us look good, no matter what weird faces we seem to be pulling!) and his wonderfully creative wife Ronnie, who we honestly couldn’t do without when it comes to her artistic direction! We had ourselves a little sneaky peek at the back of the camera after the shoot and all I can say is this years media pack is definitely going to be our  best yet (sorry for blowing my own trumpet but someone has to!) and we cannot wait to share them with you guys!

We also managed to get a few behind the scenes shots and we created a little video as a taster for whats to come, so be sure to come back this afternoon but for now here is what else we have been loving this week!


Spending the day at SNAP with the gorgeous Costa Sisters (you can see their pretty rad video here). It had been almost a year since we had seen them last, so we had a lot to natter about! It was so great to hang out with them again! I adore these girls so much, we are all totally on the same wave length which is pretty handy when you get lost in the depths of wales, only to find you have been driving around in circles as you set sat nav to take you back to your previous destination. Only one thing for it – a 1D singalong!

Catching up with Ronnie & Craig! These guys travelled soooo many miles to come and hang out with us in the good ol’ Forest of Dean and we could never thank them enough! I am so appreciative to have such amazing friends in the industry! Plus you know when you have happened across good buddies when you fall over not once, but twice and all they do is laugh 😀

This week was the first time we had ever shot in a studio and I absolutely loved it! Whatsmore said studio is in fact owned by the very same person who helped train me at my previous job in a call centre. I remember sitting next to him at work talking about our life dreams and ambitions, his to be a full time photographer with his own studio and mine to be a full time wedding blogger. So it was absolutely thrilling to walk into his new studio! I look back at those times and have to pinch myself at how far we have come since then and I have to say it made me feel very proud!

♥ DIY days in the garden! We have another shoot coming up next week so we have been DIY’ing like crazy people but being able to do it outside makes it so much more fun!

♥ Taking an hour for lunch to go for a walk. Although fun, this week has also been very busy and I have found myself staring at my screen a number of times, simply overwhelmed by everything we have going on. So to combat that I shoved on my trainers and walked to my mum and dads for lunch. It was so nice to have that time to myself, listening to the birds, saying hello to people walking their dogs or gardening, no phones, no distractions just peace!

Taking the leap to have my hair cut! It is something I had been mulling over for a while now but I had never had the guts to go through with it. Lately I have just got so bored and I felt like my hair was in such bad condition, I just couldn’t do anything with it, so I had it lopped into a long bob and I have to admit I love it! It feels so much more smooth and bouncy, I cant imagine ever growing it out again, but we will see 😉


Using AirBnB! We used it for the first time last week for our trip to Cardigan and I have to say I was blown away by our cute little apartment we managed to snap up! The decor was beautiful, it was in such a sweet location and we were even greeted with fresh flowers on arrival! 

Attending SnapFest! As Emily mentioned before we attended Emma & Pete’s workshop and I was really overwhelmed by it, the two of them certainly made me think alot! Not just about blogging but also about life and experiencing the world! It was truly was an awesome day! 

The Costa Sisters! I feel like I’m repeating everything Emily said but we really did have a blast with these two ladies! They are absolutely hilarious and it was so good to spend some time with them again!

Finishing Broadchurch series 2! I bloody loved it!! Such a shocker ending too! 

Having our media kit photoshoot with Craig and Ronnie! I  absolutely adored all the colourful props, backdrops and giant balloons we had and I can’t wait for you to see behind the scenes this afternoon, you guys are going to love it!! 

Using my new Lush mango bath melt! It was HEAVENLY! I’ve got a few more saved up which I’m also super excited to use including a marshmallow one eek!