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Last week we shared the results of our recent survey with you, which you can see here. We are so thankful to you guys for taking the time to provide us with so much useful feedback and were thrilled to see so many suggestions for new posts ideas. It seems that a fair few of our gorgeous brides are beginning to feel the pressures of planning and are in desperate need of a little R and R. So today I am going to share my tips on how to use relaxation and mindfulness for those overwhelming moments of wedding planning.

1. Eat Healthy

Nourish your body with healthy food by starting the day with a good breakfast. I used to always eat sugary cereals but since quitting sugar in January I have found lots of even better alternatives. My favourites include Creamy Coconut Porridge or if that feels a bit heavy an Oaty Smoothie from Deliciously Ella. Since changing up my breakfasts I have been amazed by how much more energised I feel and another benefit is how wonderfully filling they are. I stay full right up until lunch which is great for keeping a clear mind and positive attitude.

Taking the time to actually prepare breakfasts in the morning is also a great destresser, the action of chopping, cooking and blending, offers your mind the chance to focus on the now, so enjoy the moment, as well as the taste!

2. Go for a Walk

I try to make time to go for a 3o minute walk at least once every day! Apps like Fitbit are a great motivator as you can link up with your friends, set goals and complete challenges. A good dose of fresh air and (sometimes) sunshine can make you feel so good! I am always much more awake and alert after a walk and it’s great for creativity to.

If you like to keep fit doing just 20 mins of exercise a few times a week can do you the world of good! I am currently obsessed with the new Sweat with Kayla app. Similar to Fitbit, you can set goals and complete challenges which is a fantastic motivator and offers the opportunity to work off a ton of stress and frustration.

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3. Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness works wonders for clearing negative thoughts and relieving anxiety. I currently use the Headspace app which is good for beginners and also includes information on how to manage things like depression, stress and anxiety. Sessions can last just 10 minutes which means they can easily fit into any brides busy schedule.

4. Stretch

Whether you just take a couple of minutes to stretch at your desk or you take a yoga class, stretching not only relieves stress from you body but your mind to. Concentrating on areas such as the neck, shoulders, lower back and head will remove tension as well as promote circulation of new blood to the brain which can result in mood elevation.