Off The Record: Fitness & Fun

This week has seen both me and Jess being well and truly bitten by the fitness bug. I discovered spin a few weeks back and instantly became obsessed with how challenging yet fun I found it. In the past I have dabbled in fitness but I have never really enjoyed it but lately something about exercise has really appealed to me. Maybe its because its a nice change from sitting at a desk writing all day, which although I love it does make you become rather lazy. Anyway to cut a long story short, I dragged Jess along to my spin session with me this week to which she also has become instantly hooked. Not only have we discovered a love of spin, we also had fun working out in the gym and challenged ourselves with a kettle bell workout. Its been so much fun having someone to work out with, someone to cheer you on and someone to do a victory dance for you when you need pushing to lift that weight just one more time!

Instagram March 10

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Anyways enough about working out lets take a look at a few other things that have been making us smile this week: