DIY Hexagon Flower Boxes Hanging Wall Decor Wedding Inspiration with Sereneta Flowers-6

Good morning on this beautiful sunny Tuesday! We thought we would kick off the day with an explosion of pretty (what better way to start a day right?!) so we’ve teamed up with Sereneta Flowers to create something you can not only use for decor on your wedding day but would also look super cute around your house! We LOVE the pop of colour that these bring and they really couldn’t be easier to make! Here’s what you’ll need to create your own…

Hexagon Boxes (Ours were from Hobbycraft) // White poster paint // A selection of colourful poster paint // A big bunch of beautiful flowers  (we used these and these) // A drill // Oasis floral foam (we used 2 bricks and cut them into thirds) // String // Wall Hooks // Scissors // Glue Gun //

DIY Hexagon Flower Boxes Hanging Wall Decor Wedding Inspiration with Sereneta Flowers-4


Paint your hexagon boxes in whichever colours you choose! We decided to give them all a white coat first so that the colour would pop more!


Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair

Last weekend the two of us that are Bespoke Bride made the small journey over to Bristol to attend Bristol vintage’s second successful wedding fair. The weather was glorious so I thought I would take the opportunity to sweep the cobwebs from Jess’s eyes as she was shall we say slightly hung over, by putting the roof down on the convertible. Although sunny someone should really have mentioned it still gets cold, and so we arrived at the wedding fair after getting lost for some time  a regular occurrence for me shivering and extremely windswept.


A Classic and Timeless Wedding in Ireland – Chloé and Barry

Good Afternoon my lovelies,

This is the first inspirational wedding that we have ever featured on Bespoke Bride so we wanted to make sure it was a good one and i dont think we will disappoint. We were absolutely astounded when we first viewed the photography for Chloé and Barry’s stunning wedding, which took place in Cavan, Ireland in October 2011. The couple opted for a day that would be classic and timeless “we didn’t want to look back in five or six years and feel sad with how dated they had become.”