Giving Thanks on Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving Dinner-49

Now I know what you’re thinking, Thanks Giving? Isn’t that an American tradition? It sure is, and even though we have lots of lovely readers from America (hey you guys!) we still wanted to celebrate this tradition for ourselves. In fact, I’m pretty disappointed that more people in the UK don’t celebrate it! It’s such a beautiful and lovely idea to dedicate an entire day to things you are thankful for!

Me & Em decided we would kick off the traditions by cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for everyone, we had the Turkey, the cranberry sauce and the mash potato on our minds all day but first we had to style the table!

Thanks Giving 1

We decided to go with a brown, white and grey theme with a splash of mini orange pumpkins thrown in! Since we didn’t want to go all extravagant with the decorating either we thought we would use what we had around us, and living in the Forest Of Dean pretty much meant we were using leaves for a main part of the decor! We dried them out then scattered them all over the table, in people’s place settings and even hung them on the edges of the fairy lights to make it look like they were falling! Awh…I know, we’re cute. Ha!


A Forest & Woodland Engagement Shoot in the Picturesque Forest Of Dean

Forest Woodland Engagement Shoot Forest Of Dean (4)

Living in the Forest Of Dean can have it’s ups and downs, for example if me and Emily get invited to any wedding blog events in London or any of the other big cities it’s a right pain to get to and we have to travel 40 minutes to get into Bristol for any decent amount of shopping! But, when an engagement shoot like this drops into our inbox we’re reminded of the sheer beauty of the place we live in and how lucky we are to have such gorgeous woodland surroundings! PLUS you can imagine how thrilled we were to receive an engagement shoot in our local area! Meet Zoe and Mikey, soon to be Mr and Mrs Bill!

Forest Woodland Engagement Shoot Forest Of Dean (18)

Forest Woodland Engagement Shoot Forest Of Dean (19)

Oh and did I mention we have lots of wild life here too?!


We Visit The Vintage, Handmade, Bespoke & Unique Wedding Fair

We have had such an awesome weekend, kicking off our wedding fair tour with our very own stall at the ‘Vintage, Handmade, Bespoke & Unique Wedding Fair’ at Over Farm Barn in Gloucestershire. There are a few reasons for this, we got to meet lots of lovely soon to be brides and grooms and we met some wonderful exhibitors.  Not only did we leave feeling excited about all the amazing weddings we got to hear about we also left feeling completely inspired.


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Farms, Fields & Fun!

Living in The Forest Of Dean we just can’t help but have our hearts in country, barn themed weddings! There’s something ‘homely’ and warm about them to us!

Open fields, horses & barns are just a few things that spring to our imaginations when we envision such a gorgeous scene and this inspiration board below will hopefully get your imaginations running wild too!