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Once your wedding day is upon you, you will be surprised by just how quickly the day will go and it soon becomes obvious why making special memories and saving keepsakes is so important. It’s the little things that will remind you of your day and sometimes striking when you least expect it. But what if you could take yourself back to that day and all you would need is to light a candle? Well Britten has done just that, with the launch of their new collection of scents.

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The collections includes 7 fragrances Briar Rose, Salted Lime & Basil, English Bluebell, Jasmine Blossom, Lily of the Valley, Neroli & English Herbs and Patchouli & Orange Blossom, designed not only to smell absolutely divine but be distinctive to. Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses we possess and has developed in the same are of the brain where our memories and emotions are processed, which is why scent is well known for triggering memories.

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So here is where it gets fun! Save any of these fragrances for your wedding day and bridal experiences & you’ll deliberately associate that scent with your big day. It’s like a scent aide-mémoire. Here are 3 ways you can get creative with scent and keep those wedding memories flooding back!

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1. Light a Candle

We often associate candles with romance but have you ever wondered why? Candles benefit the senses in more than just one way. The smell of essential oils is key in aromatherapy whilst the low light of the candle helps to relax the body, lift your mood and cause a rather romantic reaction. Light a candle in your room the morning of your wedding whilst you get ready and not only will it help relax you for the day ahead but it can also be taken home after the event to light again and again with your new husband and would be great for special occasions like anniversaries.

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2. Give your Room a Spritz

If you want the instant benefit of the aroma, carry a bottle of room spray with you to spritz throughout the day. Whether you are in your room getting ready, during the ceremony or at the reception, as soon as your spray the scent back at home after the occasion, you will instantly be transported back to all the lovely memories you made in those spots.


Unique & Original Wedding Favours: Introducing Love and Scentsibility

Now and again an idea comes along that completely blows me away! It isn’t very often that it happens but when it does I love to scream and shout about it. So what am I talking about?

Wedding Favours are a bit of a dull area for me they are often overlooked at a wedding or a left till the last minute. I rarely see a favour that I really think is unique or original but today I have something that is just that! It will completely amaze your guests and have them talking about in the many months even years to come. Last year we created a list of 50 of the most original and unique favours so we have a good idea of what is already out there. However this favour idea is brand new and completely unique and if we were to do that list again this by far would be at the top of our list!

Today I would like to introduce to you ‘Love and Scentsibility’ a creative new venture from Njari Johnson creating personalised themed fragrance favours for your guests. I just had to interview Njari when I found out about her new venture so this is what she had to say…



How did the idea begin?
As an aroma therapist, scent has always been important to me and in communications, scent is highly effective as it immediately triggers personal memories and desires, which influences decisions, helps to feel better and it allows to distinguishing events or environments immediately. The idea to create fragrant favours was literally a light bulb moment. Those who know me well, would say I am highly romantic, so it’s no surprise I found an outlet for creating something that entwines love, emotion and scent with my design skills I use when making aromatic products. I wanted to create something meaningful for others – something that would leave a lasting impression, be beautiful and unique too. Scent is one of the most underestimated senses we have, especially at a special event such as a wedding, where the focus is on what we see and hear. Love and Scentsibility is bringing smell and touch into the occasion, and making a couple’s special event multi sensory!!