Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Pretty Paris, OOh Là Là!

I haven’t been to Paris since I was about 13 and even that was a drive through and onto Austria which means I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about Paris…but I sure as hell intend to! After all, it’s the city of romance right? And can you imagine getting married there?! Sheeeesh. It would be beautiful.

PAris 1

So what would a Paris themed wedding actually look like I hear you cry?! Well, you know that classic scene on Bridesmaids where the wedding shower is Paris themed? Yep. That’s what I’m picturing. Minus the best friend hissy fit though (obviously keep the pink lemonade…and maybe that chocolate fountain…)


Travel Gawker: I Want To Go To…Dordogne Valley, France

A couple of week’s ago while eating lunch with my friend Meg, a quaint little place called Dordogne cropped up in conversation. Meg told me stories about her trip there a few years ago and how bakers would deliver fresh croissants to their holiday home in the morning . “HOLD THE PHONE. Did somebody say fresh croissants delivered in the morning?! I need to research this place…”


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And so here I am, a few Google searches later, (ok about 5o Google searches later) and a lot of travel reading has led me into a position where I want to tell you all about Dordogne and what I would do if it was myself taking the trip to this gorgeous little place in France!


Destination Wedding vs. Hometown Wedding

Speaking to a lovely bride to be last week, the conversation arose on where her wedding was going to be held? Her response was “Cuba”, wow that got us excited, a beautiful destination wedding, however she didn’t seem too convinced that she had made the right decision. So we asked what it was about her destination wedding that was making her so uncertain.

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