Who wants a regular Christmas garland when you can have a Christmas cactus garland!! I really do love the statement and effect that a banner can have when you’re decorating a room for a party or for Christmas, and if you love summer as much as winter then why not bring a little sunshine into your decor with our Christmas cactus garland! The cacti have been fully festivied (that is so not a word) with a gold star on top and plenty of tinsel!

free-printable-christmas-cactus-garland-festive-decorations-banner-cacti-tinsel-stars-diy-tutorial-homemad-7 free-printable-christmas-cactus-garland-festive-decorations-banner-cacti-tinsel-stars-diy-tutorial-homemad-5

This is super simple to make! To create your garland all you need to do is grab the free template here and print your cacti out onto white card. Next, cut them out and using a little craft glue, adhere them to a piece of string or yarn then hang it up somewhere with pride! We found that the garland looked most effective with the cacti spaced around 5cm apart.



We love free printables here at Bespoke Bride but something we’ve never done before is offer some free downloads to help you dress your tech, so today I am super excited to have one of our bezzies, Emily Fisher from Mermaid Gossip on the blog! She’s designed 4 kickass wallpapers for your phone to let…


Free Printable Aztec Wrapping Paper & Tags!

Aztec Wrapping Paper Tags Main DIY Wedding Blog

Today’s DIY is such a simple one and would be so perfect for wrapping up your bridesmaids presents! The best news is you can do this completely for free, just download our free printable wrapping paper and our geometric tags and away you go! The beads I used were off an old broken necklace and the string was in the cupboard, these look just as cute without the beads though if you don’t have any! Cheap and chirpy!

Aztec Wrapping Paper Tags Final DIY Wedding Blog

Step 1: Print & cut out your wrapping paper and tags.

Step 2: Wrap up your little gifts,


Wedding DIY: Match Box Favors with a Free Download!

DIY matchbox favors

Matchbox favors are a super cheap and really cute way to give your guests a little something to leave your wedding with! These boxes literally cost me 17p each and you can get them even cheaper than that if you buy them in bulk on Ebay! Plus we’re throwing in the print out we designed for free so you can easily print it off and have a budget friendly and fun favor!

You will need:

Matchbox Favor DIY

Here’s how to do it…(seriously guys, it’s SO easy it practically doesn’t need a tutorial!)

Step 1: Save the free template and print it out! You can choose from pink, black, purple, blue or orange! Or you can just print out a whole load of them and get colourful with your favors!