65 FREE Wedding Printables for the DIY Lovers! ♥

Yep. That’s right. 65 free printables! From labels to retro flags & photo booth props to favours!

This humongous list is for all the brides on a budget out there, or the couples wanting to add a DIY touch to their wedding day!

We have trawled the net to bring you the very best of the most gorgeous free printables we could find! To download a printable, simply click on the link and it will take you straight to the site! Voila! It’s all yours!

Better stock up the printer ink asap! Enjoy!

1. ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If that does not work, add vodka”. Brilliant! Download the lemonade print outs here.

2. We love these fruit print outs to stick on bottles!

3. If you wanted a favor box, that isn’t really a box, then why not create a favor carton?!

4. Candy favor boxes brought to you from Eat Drink Chic! These need to be printed out and assembled but they would look so kick ass on the tables!

5. The pretty ‘Love’ banner would look great anywhere!

Pssst… Click the button below to download our printable Snapchat props, a fun addition to your photobooth, that your guests will love!

Snapchat Props Button


Cute Kitty Cat Confetti Pouches With Free Downloadable PDF!

DIY Kitty Confetti Pouches DIY Main

So this is what happens when you put two cat obsessed women in a room together with some confetti. We make cute Kitty confetti pouches, of course!! This would be a totally purr-fect way to for a cat obsessed couple to incorporate cats into their wedding day and who doesn’t love confetti? I think these would also make great favour pouches, you could even put sweeties inside? Although I would recommend sewing the edges in this case just to make the pack that little bit stronger. No one wants to waste sweeties now do they 🙂

You Will Need: Our Downloadable Kitty cat confetti pouch PDF// Plain A4 paper// Scissors// Glue// Confetti//

How to make unique Kitty Cat Confetti Pouches


Free Printable Neon & Chevron Hen Party Invites!

Yay! Today’s DIY is so fun and easy! If you’re looking for some free hen party or bachelorette party invitations then we have a chevrontastic downloadable for you! Simply print these off onto some thick paper or card and away you go! These would even work for any party, just fill in the details to…


Wedding DIY: How To Make Scratch Card Wedding Invitations

DIY Scratch Card Wedding Invitations

Me & Em have always been a fan of invitations that have something a little bit exciting about them, ESPECIALLY when you have to reveal the message yourself through some crazy way! We’ve seen a few scratch card ‘save the dates’ around the net and decided that a scratch card wedding invitation would be equally awesome! To make the whole process even easier I’ve created some downloadable invitations and all you need to do is choose which colour you want & print a load out onto some A4 white card!

Scratch Card Invite Colours

To download the file of 1 individual invitation just click the colour you want here: Green, pink, black, yellow, orange, blue, purple, red.

OR to download the invitations that are already set up to print (2 per page of one colour) just click which colour you like here: Green, pink, black, yellow, orange, blue, purple, red.

You could of course do this with other invitations if you like, just mix up the scratch card formula and paint away!

You will need:

White card   Washing up liquid   Acrylic Paint (I chose a glitter one!)   Paint brush   Double sided tape