Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Native American

As a lot of you know I went to Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago and came away feeling very inspired! I’ve never quite seen anything like it in my life, all of the different areas, the bands and not to mention the fashion! There were some CRAZY outfits, beautiful outfits and down right ridiculous outfits but nobody cared and everyone embraced it! I mentioned before I went that I loved the Native American head pieces that are available on Etsy at the moment and guess what? While I was there I found myself a beautiful one and pretty much refused to take it off my head for the whole festival!

Native American

What do you think? Very Tiger-Lilly from Peter Pan right?! This obviously set the cogs in my head into motion dreaming about the style of a Native American wedding and how god dam gorgeous it would be!

Native American1

Think lots of feathers, fringes and dream catchers…