Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, the easy way!


Ever wish you could find your perfect wedding photographer the easy way? Being able to search by location, style and price and being able to see examples of their work right there and then without having to trawl through tons and tons of different websites?? Well look no further my friend because there is a solution for you! is a fantabulous site designed especially for that.


You can easily browse local Wedding Photographers by budget, viewing a range of styles from creative and contemporary wedding photographers, through to unique reportage photos full of character, or perhaps if you’re looking to add some fun with a Wedding Photo Booth you can find that too!

Me & Emily absolutely love this website purely because it isn’t just your average wedding directory, it’s an amazing platform for photographers that offers so much more than just a website link, we were browsing through loads of wedding photographers  and some of them even have special offers on their profile! Bonus! The best thing for us though is the fact that you can connect with that business on all of their social media right away! It’s a great way to make connections and provides you brides with so many easy ways to get in touch with so many awesome photographers! Sounds great doesn’t it?

We caught up with Sam from the team to find out more…

Why did you create ‘Your Perfect Wedding Photographer?

We wanted to be different, we wanted to make it fun, easy and inspirational for brides and grooms to find their perfect wedding photographer, there are a lot out there, a lot of different prices, and a lot of different styles, so we wanted to make it a little easier to browse these.

From a photographers point of view we wanted to showcase what they do best, their photos! A simple profile page that holds all their details and showcasing their work. For us the photos do the speaking and can help couples find what they want without them knowing what they are looking for!