5 Flipping Fantastic Reasons Why You Will Want to Own a Cricut Explore!

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Over the last month we have been sharing lots of DIYs for our recent collaboration with Cricut Explore, honestly guys I can safely say it has changed our lives forever (You can see the DIYs we have created with it here, here, here and here!). The more we have used it, the more we have come to love it, and it has even got to the point now where I can’t ever imagine doing a DIY without it? So we thought it was about time we shared our obsession of the Cricut with you! We also thought it would be nice to share some images so that you knew exactly what this nifty little machine is all about and what to expect!

First let me start by telling you exactly what the Cricut Explore is, for those of our readers that may not have heard of it before? Imagine having a machine that can sit neatly on your desk at home, that can cut anything from cardstock and vinyl to balsa wood and Aluminium. It comes with its own online design software, where you can not only upload your own designs, but choose from a gallery of thousands of other designs as well as hundreds of ready made projects. In my opinion this couldn’t make a better gift for a DIY bride, the hours and money you could save by making your own favour boxes, cake toppers, stationery and decorations is extraordinary and the opportunities to use the Cricut Explore doesn’t end there! Once your wedding is over, you can use it to make things for your home and for your wardrobe as well as birthdays and other occasions, seriously the number of projects that this can come in handy for is unbelievable!

Ok so if that hasn’t sold you on nabbing yourselves one of these for Christmas, birthday, engagement (or just because!) then here are 5 more reasons you need to get a Cricut Explore in your life!

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1. Materials Galore!

The one biggest thing I love about the Cricut is just how many types of material the Explore is capable of cutting. When we first met with Cricut to discuss our collaboration I had my mind blown by the list of materials and I was challenged to find something the blade couldn’t cut (within reason, remember this is a desktop machine for crafts not building!) and I have to admit the challenge is still on, we have so far cut cardstock, vinyl, Iron-on and my next mission will be balsa wood – I will keep you updated but I have every faith that the results will be amazing!

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2. So Simple to Use!

The machine and Design Space are so simple to use! For Jess using this software was a doddle as she takes to tech like a duck on water but for technophobes like me, I was a little overwhelmed at the thought getting used to something else other than Photoshop (which I have only now, kind of mastered!) Well I needn’t have worried it so so simple to use and to be honest it is all pretty much self-explanatory. The software guides you through each stage of cutting so if like me you are worried about forgetting to change the settings, you needn’t worry the as the software will remind you!

An added bonus to the software is that it is all online, so if you are ever the victim of a computer meltdown, don’t fret your designs will be saved in the wondrous Cloud!

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