32 things to thank your bridesmaids for 1

An Elegant & Fun Wedding

Hands up if you think you have the best bridesmaids ever!!! Well now is the time to give them a huge thank you and send them this list of all the reasons they are the best!!! Lets get started…

1. For listening to you talk about weddings non-stop, for months and months on end!

2. For being part of your family and for loving your family and friends as their own.

3. For advising you to step away from that second glass of champagne the morning of your wedding…

4. Then knocking it back with you anyway!

5. For forgiving you when you forgot to text them back as you were too caught up in doing something for the wedding…

6. But for having no problem contacting them non-stop when you needed wedding advice.

32 Things to thank you Bridesmaids for 5

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7. For remembering to make sure you ate something when you forgot or were too busy…

8. Even if it was the food from their own plates.

9. For continual reassurance that the whole box of chocolates/ biscuits/ crisps that you ate to yourself will not make an ounce of difference to your diet and you didn’t need to lose weight anyway.

10. For telling you that you are most beautiful bride that they have ever seen!

32 things to thank you bridesmaids for 3

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11. For forgiving you when you wouldn’t listen to their advice…

12. Then for not saying ‘I told you so’ when it turned out they were right.

13. For spending hours wedding dress shopping with you!

14. And spending even more hours helping you out with all those ‘quick & easy’ DIY projects.

15. For giving up entire weekends to visit super cool wedding fairs with you.