Travel Gawker Review: I Went To Glastonbury and IT WAS AWESOME!!

Glastonbury 2013 Review

I’m not gonna lie, the thought of going to Glastonbury made me pretty nervous. I had never even been to a festival before let alone the biggest festival in the UK! How would I cope with the camping? What if I didn’t like it? What if it heavily rained for the entire 5 days? WHAT IF THE TENT FLOODS?! How many jumpers should I take? What about shorts? How much Alcohol am I likely to drink? (A lot if the weather is bad) Actually, A lot if the weather is good. What’s the situation with the toilets? I definitely need to take dry shampoo…and that was pretty much the thoughts of my mind in the week leading up to it and let me tell you, I need not have worried so much! IT WAS AMAZING. I was surrounded by great people, glorious weather and a hell of a lot of places to explore and bands to experience! Here’s how it all went down…


Glastonbury Review 1

4:30am and the alarm was beeping. It was time to get up, get ready and pack the car! We left the house at 6am on the dot and headed straight down to Worthy Farm expecting to meet a lot of traffic on our way. Did we meet any I hear you ask? No we did not. Human traffic however was in the plenty when we queued up to get in! One emergency wee, 14 groans of heavy bags and 3 hours later we were through and ready to set camp in The Woodsies right behind the John Peel stage. As soon as the tents were up it was time to crack open the first beverage of the day and sit back and enjoy it! We spent a good few hours chilling out at our 5 day home then headed out into the site to explore!