Ok, let’s talk about Christmas movies for a second! What’s your favourite?! Which one really gives you all the Christmas feels?! For me, it’s Home Alone and Love Actually but maybe you’re more of a Elf kinda person? Or maybe you prefer the classics like It’s a Wonderful Life! There’s SO MANY good ones am I right?!

Here’s a fun fact for you though, Emily has never watched Home Alone or Elf!! Can we all just take a second to process that?! I mean WHAATT?! I know what you’re thinking, how are the two of you even friends right now?! Well, I’m going to have to kidnap her this Christmas and force her to watch them haha in fact, I might just whip up a batch of this vegan hot chocolate while I’m there and make a fun Christmas themed evening of it! Complete with Elf quote mugs of course! Here’s how you can make your own…


  • 1 1/2 cups almond milk // 3 Tbsp cocoa powder // 1 tsp pure maple syrup // 1/4 tsp. pure vanilla extract // 1 pinch ground cinnamon // 1 pinch sea salt //
  • Plain white mugs // Elf quote vinyl stickers* //

* If you’d rather make the Elf quote vinyl stickers instead of buying them then of course you can! You just need a cutting machine like the Cricut Maker and vinyl in the colour of your choice, simply type in the quotes you want it cut out in the Cricut Design space and let the machine cut them out for you! Alternatively, if you’d like to cut this step out then you can just purchase the stickers here.


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Merry & Bright Christmas

Merry and Bright 1

Photo Credits: Colourful Christmas Tree – Bower Power / Ball Balls On Sticks – Photography Studio 37 VIA Kara’s Party Ideas

We’ve all seen those classic Christmas colours creep into winter weddings haven’t we? Those deep greens and ruby reds are everywhere in sight as soon as a wedding in December is mentioned! At Bespoke Bride though we wanted to do things a little bit differently this year when it came to inspiring a Christmas wedding and what better way to celebrate than to go all merry and bright with your theme?! That’s right we’re talking bright pinks, lime greens, pretty teals and topping it off with a generous helping of gold glitter!

It’s so modern and beautiful baby! Plus it kind of looks like our branding…which obviously has absolutely nothing to do with why we love it so much…