I know what you’re thinking…More photo booth props?! Well after the success of our Snapchat photo booth printables and our flower crown props we couldn’t resist creating a pack of hen party / bridal shower / photo booth props all with an extra dose of girlie added in! You know what it’s like when you see the same cheesy props in photo booths, so we figured, wouldn’t it just be way more fun to print out a bunch of modern (and super pretty!) props?! It sure would!

The best news is this set includes 25 different props so you can guarantee NO ONE is without a prop and they can vary it up for as many photos as they¬†want! There’s an engagement ring, champagne bottle, a bouquet as well as tons of slogans like BEST DAY EVER! and TEAM BRIDE! plus fun heart eye glasses, lipstick kisses, flower crowns and many many more!

Your gal pals will be spoilt for choice! Forget the boring photo booth props why not have a set that is way more girlie and fun?! Me and Emily had a great time just shooting this DIY so we can imagine what it would be like with a whole bunch of girls stood in front of an epic backdrop! Major squad goals right?!

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Rose Gold

With Autumn well under way I can’t help but find myself warming up to the cosy hues of the season! The oranges, yellows and reds will soon be gracing the trees of the Forest Of Dean where we live and I truly cannot wait! However, when it comes to a ‘girly’ colour scheme I think…