Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Red & Warm Christmas

Eek! This time next week Christmas Day will be over…how CRAZY is that?! We still have 6 days left though so cue the Christmas songs in the office & the festive inspiration!
Last week we featured a silver winter inspiration board to bring out the icy side of this season! This week we’re warming things up with a rich red and green colour scheme…

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: An Enchanted Forest Wedding

Ooooh Happy Halloween lovelies!
Since we shared a haunting Halloween board last Wednesday we thought we’d focus on something a little more magical this week! Welcome to a dash of enchanted forest inspiration with a tempting dark twist, we’re talking taxidermy mixed with pretty forest finds and crows upon antique birdcages!

The contrasts are strong yet tie in beautifully together…see for yourself….

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Neon Fun!

It’s looking a little dull and grey out there today isn’t it? Which is why we fancied throwing a little inspiration your way that brightens things up regardless of the weather!
How about a little neon love?
The colours that normally get overlooked and brushed as ‘tacky’ can totally work when used correctly and carefully as part of your wedding day!

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Let’s do it! Let’s dive into the depths of the unknown neon wilderness!

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: A Mexican Adventure

Hola from Mexico!
 ♥  ♥  ♥
I know im getting around a bit, what with Italy and all, but can you blame me? England’s summer pretty much didn’t exist this year!
Instead of doing a standard Mexican destination wedding board this week, I wanted to bring you something that reflects the culture of this beautiful country, something full of colour and tradition.

You have a lot of options when it comes to a ‘Mexican colour scheme’, generally you could throw a huge selection of colours together and it would work. Like the Mexican bride’s dress above ’embracing a riot of romantic color’.
Alternatively, you could theme your wedding around the colour scheme of red, white & green like the Mexican flag, or go for a scheme with an array of blues, red, yellow & pink like featured below.

It doesn’t just stop at the colour scheme though! A Mexican themed wedding isn’t complete without the delicious cuisine & music from the mariachi! Of course, there are lots of Mexican traditions too and if you’d like to include some of these in your wedding then you can read about them here.
See the board below for more Mexican inspiration!