BRIDEZILLAS: Turning Wedding Stress into Bridal Bliss

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The word ‘Bridezilla’, thanks mostly to the infamous US reality TV show, conjures up images of weepy, stressed out, over-controlling brides-to-be with an overdose of bad attitude and a penchant for being dramatic.

 Away from television cameras and clever editing, the ‘Bridezilla’ within can appear to us all before, during and after the big day and the line between being in control and throwing our toys out of the wedding car can be as fine as the gossamer thread in your wedding night lingerie.

 Stress is an issue that people deal with on a daily basis.  Recognising the warning signs, controlling the symptoms and keeping it at a comfortable distance can be challenging and more and more treatments and prevention’s are coming to the fore.  A significant rise in reported cases* of stress related illnesses brought on by debt, work, education and in many instances, weddings, means that some brides are spending the happiest day of their lives, clouded in a fog of anguish and worry.