How to Create a Simple Side Braid

DIY Side Braid Hair Tutorial Plait Easy & Quick

So guys I have a little secret to share with you? I have fallen in love with styling hair. I am not great at it by all means but these past few weeks I have had had so much fun practicing with new styles. Braids have always been a bit of a nemesis with me. I have such long hair that it can get pretty tricky trying to create styles without feeling like my arm is going to drop off at any second, but I am persevering and this week I think I may have finally mastered a simple side braid?

It can be difficult to do on your own hair so for my first attempt I thought I would use Jess as my model. I hope you like 🙂

You Will Need: Hair Band// Hair Spray// Fine tooth comb//

DIY Side Braid Hair Tutorial Plait Easy & Quick 2

To make it a little easier we filmed this little video as a step by step guide, which we really enjoyed putting together. We hope to share more hair tutorials with you soon so keep your peepers peeled!