Home DIY: Painted Pumpkins!!

A DIY Pumpkin painting home crafts trick or treat decoration How To

Countdown to Halloween: 2 days. Excitement level: 9/10.

You know considering I’m pretty much the biggest wimp on the planet & my own shadow has been known to scare me in the past it’s quite shocking to know that I actually LOVE Halloween!! Maybe it’s the excitement of dressing up, maybe it’s the fun of trick or treaters knocking at the door or maybe…just maybe…it’s the joy of creating your own decorations and styling up the place to create a ghoulish and spoooooookey atmosphere!¬†One of the best ways to upgrade your porch/doorstep/wall is of course with pumpkins! I know the traditional thing to do here would be to carve those little babies into whatever design you see fit but for a change this year I thought I’d give painting them a go and I have to admit, I love them!! The best thing about this idea is that you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like! Here’s how I made these three….