Cute page boy wearing top hat braces in whimsical wedding Hawaii

Looking for something whimsical and romantic on this cosy Sunday morning? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today’s real wedding is all sorts of pretty with DIY elements a plenty! The bride even took deco-clay classes before the wedding so that she could create all of her own flowers that would last forever! There’s also DIY photo booth backdrops, handmade floral crowns and garlands galore…

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A Beautiful Recreation Of Wedding Photographs

Have any of you lovely lot recreated your wedding photographs? It’s not a common thing but it’s an idea that both me and Emily are in love with if it’s done correctly! I think it’s such a beautiful way to remind yourselves of your love for each other and how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved in all of those years together.¬†With that being said, you can imagine our excitement when we came across this gorgeous photo shoot of Lynette & Charles Ainsley proudly celebrating 37 years of marriage!


They came back to the same beautiful island Kauai, Hawaii where they got married and asked Bob from Eye Expression to help them recreate their dream! Bob said “When I first met the couple they introduced themselves as a ‘couple of old hippies’. They were certainly laid back and were a lot of fun.”¬†They walked around the beautiful resort snapping away and I couldn’t be happier to share these awesome photos with you today! Keep an eye out for Lynette & Charles holding one of their original wedding photographs too!