Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Advice from Hazel Walshaw on how to plan your wedding

Good afternoon Guys and Dolls

Today’s Wednesday wedding inspiration is a little different to usual as we have a wonderful business to share with you.

Last week one of our twitter followers became engaged and was overwhelmed as she had only 6 months to plan a wedding. Now this isn’t impossible, we have known it to be done more than once and the day has always turned out to be incredible.

So we thought this would be an excellent way to ease the tension of our dear reader.

Hazel Walshaw is a highly recommended wedding planner based in Leeds, and she has created this 13 minute video for others as a guide on how to plan a wedding.

Over to you Hazel…

We had a lot of fun making the film and had plenty of laughs. Locations included Wedding Belles of Otley, Headingley Stadium, Haworth church, Kirkstall Abbey and 3 Albion Place. I found it quite difficult being in front of the camera. You would think that being a belly dancer and dancing in public at restaurants and on stage I would be able to handle saying a few lines to camera – but it was nerve wracking none-the-less.