Blue Willow Events Launches The Wedding Sessions

Fifi and Hannah The wedding sessions

Are you starting to plan your wedding? Are you beginning to wonder how you are ever going to pull everything together on your own but can’t afford a wedding planner? Starting to panic over your budget? Finding it difficult to juggle your busy day to day life with the demands of organising? Does this sound like you? Well today we are here to tell you, you are not alone.

Lets hear you say ‘eureka’ for The Wedding Sessions! Born out of a love for couples that were arty and creative, Fifi and Hannah, founders of Blue Willow Events, wanted to have the chance to work with ‘get up and goers’, the sort of people who want creative license over their wedding day rather than approach a wedding planner.

The Wedding sessions are a great investment for any couple planning their own wedding. They get a days’ worth of access to two wedding planners who will be happy to answer any of their burning questions in an intimate setting, as well as all the tips, tricks and tools that we use to make it all run smoothly and a comprehensive ‘manual’ with advice on how best to go about getting down the aisle and keeping track of that dreaded budget. There will also be specialist talks on one aspect of the wedding industry from photography to floristry – you will hear from the best in the business!