Cute page boy wearing top hat braces in whimsical wedding Hawaii

Looking for something whimsical and romantic on this cosy Sunday morning? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today’s real wedding is all sorts of pretty with DIY elements a plenty! The bride even took deco-clay classes before the wedding so that she could create all of her own flowers that would last forever! There’s also DIY photo booth backdrops, handmade floral crowns and garlands galore…

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DIY Paper Chain Backdrop

DIY Paper chain backdrop photobooth  backdrop inspiration Main

You remember paper chains right? I certainly do, these used to be one of my favourite crafts when I was a child and no matter what the occasion I would try to bust out the paper chains to decorate up my bedroom with! Christmas time they were red and green and come halloween my paper chains were black! Well, it just so happens that paper chains make the most amazing┬áback drops and they’re really really easy to make! We’d love to see an entire wall of paper chains, wouldn’t you?

For this DIY all you’ll need is: // Paper or card in the colours of your choice // Glue // Guillotine // A pole to thread your chains onto //