If you’re having a festive shindig and want to create some fun favours to match then why not make your own snow globes that each of your guests can take home? They couldn’t be easier to make and would look super pretty on all the tables! We’ve used flamingos in ours but you could add whatever plastic animals you can find. Unicorn snow globes would be equally as amazing!

Also, if you’re eyeing up that gorgeous sequin tablecloth in the photos it’s from Pudding Bridge! SO pretty right?!

diy-flamingo-snow-globes-7 diy-flamingo-snow-globes-5


Jars // Super Glue // Glycerin // Plastic flamingos (or other plastic animals!) // Glitter // Sequins // Small disco balls or other embellishments // White tack (optional)


Firstly you’ll want to glue your flamingos to the inside of the lid of your jar, along with any other decorative items you want to pop in there. We added in small disco balls and silver stars to a few of ours! We also decided to add a little white tack in first just to give the flamingos more height but this is completely optional.



Add half a teaspoon of glitter, half a teaspoon of sequins and half a teaspoon of glycerin to your jar. Obvs add more glitter and sequins if you want, you can never have too much glitter!




Tis’ the season to sparkle! There are so many things I love about Christmas but one of the things I love the most is pulling out the sequins. First can we all agree, sequins look good at anytime of year, especially if your a mermaid. Second, how stylish does this wreath look? I mean I could totally imagine it being sold in somewhere like Urban Outfitters, it’s not overly tacky at all, which sometimes can be associated with anything covered in sequins.


The instructions on how to make it are super simple and if you wondering how long it takes to make, I made mine in just about an hour, so gluing each sequin on really isn’t as arduous as it sounds. I actually found it therapeutic attaching each one and watching it take shape. It reminds me of a mermaid or a dragon’s tail, both of which sound magical to me.

This is such a fun and modern wreath to make this Christmas and will make great decor if your entertaining this holiday season. So here’s how to get started if you want to give it a try…


You Will Need: 

A foam wreath (Our was 635mm across with a 190mm hole in the middle)| Sequins (ours were 25mm and we used 4 packs) | Glue Gun |

Starting on the inside of the hole, glue your sequins, all the way around  making sure to slightly overlap each one for a scale type effect. I found it easier glue one layer around the other, working my way out as I went to make all the layers even. Continue to do this until you reach the outer edge of your wreath and leave to dry.