Last week our reader survey closed and hundreds of you got in touch to give us some feedback on the blog, I’ve been absolutely LOVING reading your ideas come in and me and Em are going to be going through them all properly today and sharing the results with you all at the end of this week! One thing you did keep asking for was more decor inspiration so while we get brainstorming some fresh ideas for you here’s 30 AWESOME ways that you can style up your tables…

1. Use contrasting patterns to make a bold statement!

I know, I know, it can be a little scary placing contrasting patterns together but look how awesome it can look?! As long as you don’t overdo it then patterns can really add an extra dimension to your decor! You can see a tutorial for these hand painted plates here but it doesn’t have to just be plates, you could layer patterns with the table cloth, napkins and even place settings!

2. Add colour with place mats

I feel like place mats are often overlooked these days but they really can look super beautiful against a white tablecloth! You can even download these gorgeous brushstroke place mats and print them out!

3. Use a little wood


I absolutely love how stylists took the rustic elements of wood and added a pop of colour to them in this styled shoot! By adding bright glittered card to the top or different colour wheels it really modernises the wooden look!

4. Add sparkle with disco balls!

You really can’t go wrong with a little sparkle and if you’re a fan of bling bling then disco balls are an epic way to style up your table! Plus you can get them in all sizes so you could even pop some giant ones around the venue! See the full shoot here! 

5. Fill old cans with flowers


If you want to keep the costs down then filling used cans with flowers is a great alternative to small vases! I love the Mexican style cans in this styled shoot but you can always take the labels off and spray paint the cans too!

6. Create a floating table runner with balloons

Balloons can sometimes get a bad rep but when done well they can really add a fun and elegant touch to your decor! Instead of placing a bunch in the middle of the table it looks so much better to have them running along the length of your table creating an almost floating table runner! Plus how beautiful are these palm frond balloons?!


Woodland Whimsy & Cute Creatures: Ellen & Ben

A Whimsical nature inspired wedding with woodland animals (23)

Can I just say just how much I adore todays wedding, I can totally imagine myself getting married, surrounded by cute furry woodland creatures! A girl can dream right?! Well todays bride Ellen kind of made that dream come true, only the animals were miniature statues and the woodlands were tiny succulents in terrariums, this is a lady with one cool imagination. Lets here what she has to say about her wedding…

A Whimsical nature inspired wedding with woodland animals (15)

A Whimsical nature inspired wedding with woodland animals (20)


DIY Silver Leaf & Concrete Vase

DIY Concrete Vase Silver Leaf Succulents-2

You guys! Curious Fair are back today with a DIY that has stormed straight to the top of the list of my favourite DIYs that they’ve featured here! How BEAUTIFUL is this?! To create these silver leaf & concrete vases for yourself all you’ll need is:

You Will Need: // Bag Of Concrete // Plastic Party Cups // Water // PVA Glue // Paintbrush // Imitation Silver Leaf //

Step 1: After deciding what you’d like your vase to look like, choose a mold that will create your desired shape. We used plastic cups to create a simple & contemporary shaped vase.

Step 2: Following the instructions on the concrete, use water to mix your concrete solution.

DIY Concrete Vase Silver Leaf Succulents-4

Step 3: Once thoroughly mixed, pour the concrete into a plastic cup. To create the vase, only half fill a plastic cup with concrete and place another plastic cup on top of the half filled concrete within the mold. Hold the second plastic cup in place whilst continuing to fill the mold up to the lip of the cup.


A Rustic & Natural Wedding Filled With Succulents

Succulent Laid Back Wedding 34

For some couples it would be pretty difficult throwing a wedding when the bride is allergic to flowers, but not for Trevor & Lia. They knew they wanted a rustic and natural wedding with elements of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ since it’s Lia’s favourite book, so making the choice to have succulents instead was a no brainer! Not only did they feel more wild than your typical flowers but they looked so beautiful! Over to groom Trevor to tell you more…

Succulent Bouquet Beautiful UniqueSucculent Laid Back Wedding 5

Succulent Laid Back Wedding 12


An Intimate Rustic Beach Wedding: Ryan & Amber

An Intimate Rustic Beach Wedding 1

Today’s stunning wedding comes all the way from the beaches of California. It has to be one of my favourite ever weddings we have featured on this blog and you will soon see why, the details of this wedding although very simple are so swoon-worthy!

Ryan and Amber chose to get married on  Stinson Beach, they opted for a small intimate ceremony with just close family and friends and the beach provided the privacy this couple so desired.

There was a huge emphasis on family in their wedding which I really loved – Amber wore her great grandmothers vintage wedding ring and Ryan’s father officiated which I think is wonderfully special. They worked very hard to create lots of personal touches with Ryan creating the stationery and favours and Amber putting together her own bouquet.

The beautiful photography was courtesy of Crystal Lynn Photography who has done the most amazing job of capturing the natural simplicity of this wedding.