DIY Origami Bow Shoe Clips

Oh boy do we have a cheap and chirpy DIY for you today! If you’ve got an old pair of shoes that are in need of a refresh then why not jazz them up with some shoe clips? Today’s tutorial is all about creating origami bows out of craft paper, these can be any colour…


DIY Aztec Tote Bags + Video Tutorial!

Does anyone else love tote bags as much as us?! We’ve seen them so many times all over Pinterest but really wanted to put our own spin on them and since we LOVE aztec and all the geometric patterns that are everywhere at the moment we figured a DIY aztec tote bag would be the…


DIY Mini Tipi + Video Tutorial!

DIY Mini Tipi Main

Oh my gosh do we have a treat for you today! I have wanted to build a tipi in the garden for so long and we finally did it! And now we can show you how to make one too! I think tipis are such a lovely addition outside or inside the house and not to mention a festival wedding! How awesome would a couple of these be for the kids to play in? They would be fab for photo opportunities too! To make our mini tipi you will need:

5 7ft Poles (We used copper rods because that’s just what we found lying around my Dad’s builders yard but you could use bean poles or bamboo sticks or whatever you can get your hands on!) // Spray paint // String // 12ft x 9ft Dust sheet drop cloth // Decorations of your choice // 3 pegs // Needle // Thread //

DIY Mini Tipi How to make teepee collage


Upcycled Angel Wing Charm Necklace


Good Morning guys & gals. I have another super quick DIY for you today, all it needs are a couple of materials, all of which are easy and cheap to get hold of on sites like Ebay and Etsy. I am all for upcycling its, fun, eco-friendly and as equally purse friendly so when I get bored of certain items,whether it be clothes, house decor or garden accessories the first thing I always do is check out pinterest for ways to restore and reuse. Today I have an old tatty necklace that I want to transform into something a bit more jazzy and modern so here we go…

You Will Need – An old necklace chain// 1 x Angel Wing charm// 1 x Chinese Turquoise 16x9mm Top-Drilled Teardrop Bead// 1 x 5mm Open Jump Ring// Chain Nose Pliers//