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June 2013



Travel Gawker: I Want To Go To…Dubai!

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Ahhhh Dubai. A place that promises to pamper you! It always seems so glamorous and fabulous to me and is definitely on my list of places to visit! Although let’s be honest, Dubai doesn’t come cheap and if you’re going to do it, you’re going to wanna do it properly! Well I would anyway…Here’s how I would spend my time in Dubai…

If money was no object I would stay at…


Burj Al Arab. As in if I was miraculously a millionaire because this place costs on average a whopping £980 PER NIGHT! Get this; the guests of this hotel are greeted at the airport with a Rolls Royce and a bouquet of roses!! Talk about luxury! The hotel also boasts 4 swimming pools and its own private beach. Oh and did I mention it’s got 9 world class restaurants and bars inside it?! I think the ‘pillow menu’ is a tad too much though! I’m sure whatever bedding they supplied at this palace would be more than adequate without having to choose!

I would try something new by…


Sandboarding! Heck why not?! I can barely board on snow and I hate the cold, but falling over in warm sand sounds that little bit more inviting to me! You can do this by attending the 4 x 4 Dubai dessert safari! (visions of Sex and the city2 springs to mind) You also get to ride a camel on this trip, get a henna tattoo, watch belly dancing and enjoy a BBQ dinner! UGH HELLO! What a freaking awesome day trip!!

I would shop at…


The Dubai Mall. Although it seems it would take me about a week to get around all of the 1200 shops that it houses! I’m not kidding, this place is HUGE! It also contains an ice rink, a huge aquarium and an INDOOR THEME PARK! It seems pretty well balanced though, not just a designer mall for the rich and famous, the high street fashion stores can all be found on the ground floor! Not that it would be a problem though because I’m a millionaire on this trip remember?

I would be amazed by…


The Burj Khalifa. It’s only the tallest building IN THE WORLD! We’re talking 7 times bigger than Big Ben people! Boringly it’s full of offices and apartments but visitors can go to the observation deck on floor 124 (that’s a hell of an elevator ride isn’t it?!) Don’t worry if you don’t like lifts though, you can always climb the 3000 steps to the top! (I’m not kidding!)

I would sip some drinks at…

Buddha Bar

The Buddha Bar. The swankiest joint in town and if celebs are around you’re bound to find them in here! The interiors are decked out with chandeliers, a wall of mirrors and a HUGE Buddha! It’s pricey but apparently it’s worth it just to see the show that the bartenders put on to create their cocktails! YUM!

I would relax and detox at…


Sensasia Urban Spa. Facials and massage from Bali, Japan and Thailand?! Don’t mind if I do! This place is the ultimate indulgence; chocolate body buff & warm cocoa butter stone therapy sounds good to me!

I would finish my trip by…


Taking a hot air balloon flight. I’ve heard rising early in the morning to see the desert is something you’ll never forget! Although to be honest I’d probably be terrified in the hot air balloon because I’m ever so slightly afraid of heights! Maybe it would cure me? Maybe not. Either way, I’m sure it’s absolutely breath taking! Plus, I’d be able to see the famous palm islands!

Have any of you fab lot been to Dubai? I’m not planning on going any time soon but it’s definitely on my bucket list so hit me up with any tips if you have any!

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Much Bespoke Love

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