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March 2014



How To Make Paper Fan Decorations!

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Happy Tuesday you gorgeous lot! You’re in for a real treat today because the lovely ladies from Strange Case Collective are here again! Remember their last DIY for valentines day where they showed us how to create 3 different types of cards full of love? Well, this month it’s all about paper fan decorations, these are so easy to make, require barely any materials and best of all are ridiculously cute!! Over to Sophie & Laura to show you how to pretty up those cupcakes, create a Photo Booth background and even create a cool wall display with the paper fans…

Final Cake Topper Paper Image

At Strange Case Collective we love working with paper. From wedding stationery, to giant paper flowers, if we can find a way to make something from paper we will. So it’s no surprise that for this months guest blog, you guessed it we’re showing you how to make something lovely with paper. The concertina fan. Once you learn them, your possibilities are endless and you can use them for so much. Never needing an excuse to buy sweet treats, we decided to make some mini cake toppers and here is how you can make your own too!

Paper Fan Cupcake Toppers Collage

Step 1: You will need: (This is enough to make 10 all together) // Scissors // 10 Cocktail sticks // 4 Sheets of A5 paper. We chose pastel colours, but you can use any paper you like. Book pages look awesome! // Glitter card offcuts. // Glue. We’re using our trusty UHU, but if you don’t have any to hand, a glue stick works perfectly too. // Paper punches, in any shape you like. //

Step 2: Each paper fan is made up of three equal paper sections. So start by folding your piece of paper in half, then in half again, then in half again. Repetitive but it makes sure we end up with eight, evenly sized sections.

Step 3: Open the paper out and cut along the folds. You are now ready to start folding!

Step 4: Taking your first section, concertina fold the paper widthways and repeat this with your three sections.

Step 5: Then fold each section in half.

Step 6: Put a strip of glue along the inside of your folded section. Place the cocktail stick on top.

Step 7: Using your thumb and finger, pinch the paper section closed until the stick is secure.

Step 8: Take your next piece and repeat step five, minus the cocktail stick.

Step 9 & 10: You now need to glue all your thirds together, to create your circle. If the paper is coming away slightly, just pinch it in place and you should be left with a perfect circular fan shape.

Step 11: Take your paper punch and stamp some shapes using your glitter offcuts. You can use any card you like here, but we love any excuse to use glitter.

Step 12: Once you have your shapes, glue them to the centre of the fan and you are done!

Step 13: Pop them in your cupcakes and admire!


As each fan is made up of three sections, you can switch the colours about and make them multicoloured. Most paper types work and like we mentioned at the beginning, they look lovely when made out of old book pages and patterned paper.

Experiment, once you have learnt the technique you can make them as big as you like. Just repeat the process using A4, A3 or A2 paper.

If you would like different shapes, cut into the paper sections before gluing them together. You could scallop the edges, cut shapes into the middle and point the edges more.


Variations 1

How else can they be used?

With paper fans being so versatile, they are perfect for adding a personalised touch to an event. You can create them to tie in with your wedding colours, create a photo booth backdrop like we did for an event last year, or use them as decoration for your big day. We’re going to use ours to decorate some Mother’s Day cakes with, or Easter. They would be ideal for both.

Photobooth Picture

How fab and easy are these?! I feel like I need to go whip up a batch of cupcakes right now just so I can pop these amazeballs paper fans on top!

Much Bespoke Love

Jess x



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