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October 2014



Yarn Pompom Letters

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DIY POM POM Yarn Letters-9

Its been a little while since we did anything with pompoms so we thought it was high time we got these fluffy little balls of fun back out and to make some super cute yarn letters. These ones are quite small as we thought they would make great table decor but it would be ace to see huge yarn letters, don’t you think! This is what you will need:

Yarn or Wool in a variety of colours// Fork// Scissors// Cardboard Letters// White Paint// Hot Glue Gun//

DIY POM POM Yarn Letters-1 DIY POM POM Yarn Letters-2

Step 1: Paint your cardboard letters using white paint, then set aside to dry. These might need one or two coats depending on the quality of the paint. We used white poster paint which worked well.

Step 2: Follow steps 1 – 9 from our Pompom Head Crown tutorial for how to make this mini pompom balls. Then trim to be about 1x1cm – this was the perfect size for our miniature letters which were around 15 cm in height, however feel free to increase the size of the poms to fit the size of your cardboard letters.

Step 3: Using your glue gun, apply the glue to the letter then glue on your pom poms. Then leave to dry.

DIY POM POM Yarn Letters-5 DIY POM POM Yarn Letters-6 DIY POM POM Yarn Letters-14

And thats it folks, I think this has to be one of the simplest DIY’s we have ever created for Bespoke Bride but it has such a fab effect. Right what else can we do with pompoms, I am off to have a think?

Much Bespoke Love

Emily x




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