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February 2017




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DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-4

DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-3

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I am so excited to share this easy DIY balloon garland with you today even though it’s not very Valentines-ey! Although it totally could be if you used pink and red balloons??

Anyway I think today’s tutorial is the perfect statement decor to add to a sweet or cake table and you could even make it longer and use it as a table runner or a ceremonial arch! The delicate florals add a touch of class, whilst the balloons are the perfect amount of whimsy and best of all, it so incredibly easy to make!

I have always wanted to make a balloon table runner but always imagined you would need loads of special wires and stuff to make it happen. Well, it turns our I was totally wrong! All you need is string (you can also use fishing wire), a pair of scissors and balloons in the colours & sizes of your choice, this one was 5 1/2 ft and used 41 balloons all of the same standard balloon size, so you can use that as a basic guide.

I was totally inspired by the Eclectic Ski Lodge Shoot we featured here a couple of weeks back, so decided to use similar colours and loved the idea of adding flowers & foliage, making it the perfect decor for a wedding.  And if your wondering how long it took me to create this garland it was between 1-2 hours when you add in the fact that I kept stopping for tea breaks! Not bad eh!

DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-2 DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-4


Start by inflating your balloons.

DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-5 DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-6


Tie a 3 inch piece of string around the knot of your balloon making sure it is secure.

DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-8 DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-16


Now cut a piece a string a length of string to the size you would like your garland to be. You may find it easier to elevate your string off the ground somehow by tying it to the backs of two chairs but I found it just as easy working with the string flat on the table. It also helped to make sure there were no gaps underneath as I originally wanted this to be a table runner.

DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-14 DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-13


Starting from the middle of your longer piece of string start to secure your balloons, tying each one securely and sliding up to the meet the next balloon each time you add a new one on.

DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-10 DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-9


Continue to do this alternating colours and sizes if you have different. The more balloons you add the more sturdy the garland becomes, just as long as you ensure you are packing the balloons tightly next to one another. Once you are finished, hang or place the garland wherever you want to use it and add your flowers and foliage in the gaps between the balloons securing with tape, this was also a great way to cover up any string that was still visible.

I used fresh flowers but if you want something that will last longer, fake flowers would work just as well.

DIY Balloon Backdrop Arch Colourful Fun-20

This garland could easily be made a day or two before the event as long as you used good quality balloons. I used cheap balloons from the supermarket for this garland and I started to notice the balloons were looking a little deflated by day 2 but past experience has taught me that good quality pearlised balloons will last months, so I would definitely advise paying a bit extra for good balloons for the convenience of being able to create the garland in advance.

I hope you all have a lovely day and don’t forget, we want to see your DIY’s so please tag #BESPOKEBRIDEDIY on Instagram!





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