Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: 9 Million Bicycles

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Photography by Craig & Eva Sanders Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings &  Jose Villa via Green Wedding Shoes

I have to admit that one of my favourite things about our blog is our inspiration boards. I love thinking of a new theme then seeing it come to life on Pinterest and then the final board on the blog. A few weeks ago I was listening to Katie Melua’s ‘9 Million Bicycles in Beijing’ and I started wondering what it would be like to have a bicycle themed wedding? Yes I know that probably sounds very sad but I often see things and wonder how they would translate in wedding world- please don’t judge. Anyway it seems I am not the only one that has thought of a bicycle themed wedding as it there was so much to choose from on Pinterest but here is a selection of the very best… So darn cute!


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: A Candy Coloured Christmas

A Candy Coloured Christmas

Image Courtesy of Citrus and Orange

 Eeeeeeeep!!! I am so happy to finally say that I am so excited for christmas!!! Being in Sweden has made me superfestive, the christmas decorations here are so darn cute! I have been totally inspired to have a traditional Swedish christmas this year however todays inspo board is not exactly traditional but was inspired by some of the decor I have found here. Swedes know how to do decor! Honestly Ikea does not do Sweden justice, I have been blown away by just how cool and modern everything is and whilst browsing in one of the little boutiques I came across some pretty baby pink baubles and a baby blue christmas horse and it got me thinking…

I wonder what a candy coloured christmas theme would look and it went a little something like this.


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Merry & Bright Christmas

Merry and Bright 1

Photo Credits: Colourful Christmas Tree – Bower Power / Ball Balls On Sticks – Photography Studio 37 VIA Kara’s Party Ideas

We’ve all seen those classic Christmas colours creep into winter weddings haven’t we? Those deep greens and ruby reds are everywhere in sight as soon as a wedding in December is mentioned! At Bespoke Bride though we wanted to do things a little bit differently this year when it came to inspiring a Christmas wedding and what better way to celebrate than to go all merry and bright with your theme?! That’s right we’re talking bright pinks, lime greens, pretty teals and topping it off with a generous helping of gold glitter!

It’s so modern and beautiful baby! Plus it kind of looks like our branding…which obviously has absolutely nothing to do with why we love it so much…


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Harry Potter

Man am I excited. My friend from Mexico arrived last night to stay for a few days and I cannot wait to show her The Forest Of Dean where we live!!! One of the stops we’re visiting will be Gloucester Cathedral not only because it’s beautiful but because some of Harry Potter was filmed there! I love how essences of Harry Potter can be found throughout the Forest Of Dean, did I also mention I went to the same school as J.K. Rowling? Yep. Pretty cool ay? Well…not as cool as the Harry Potter wedding inspiration board I’m about to unleash on you all!

Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration

Photo Credits: Butter Beer: Heather Bailey/ Harry Potter Glasses Necklace: Six Astray Etsy/

But what would a Harry Potter themed wedding look like I hear you cry?! Well….prepare for horcruxes, golden snitch cake pops, broomstick favors and even a few chocolate frogs! I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good…


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Science & Chemistry

Science Wedding Inspiration Board 1

Image Credits: Left- Teagan White & Right- Curiosity Shopper Etsy

I was never good at science when I was at school. Seriously it wasn’t my strong point, I miraculously scraped through with a C and was glad to never see a science room again once I had left, but as the years have gone by I can see why people find it so interesting! However if you’ve loved science for as long as you can remember and the chemistry between you and your other half is on fire then why not think about including a few science elements throughout your wedding?!

Let me inspire you…


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Japanese Manga

Some of you might know I am a huge fan of Manga, the fact I have three cats called Mr Popo, Chi Chi and Gohan might have given it away slightly but if you didn’t know well there it is, my biggest secret is out. I am also ever so slightly obsessed with Lana Del Rey, honestly I have a huge girl crush on her (who doesn’t?). So when I finally laid eyes on the Japanese Manga styled shoot she did recently for Numero Tokyo I did the one thing only a Wedding blogger obsessed with Manga and Lana Del Rey could do, I created an inspiration board.

But why stop there, I then started thinking about Tokyo’s famous vibrant Harajuku Kawaii Fashion scene and I had a small lightbulb moment in my head. I imagined a wedding full of cute candy colours, colourful hair and one of a kind outfits, something only my dreams could be made of…

Japanese manga inspired shoot

Photography Credit: Cosplay Bride – via When Geeks Wed & Floral Display – Corbin Gurkin Photography via Style me Pretty


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Magical Mermaids

Ohhhh mermaids, I love you. That vibrant beautiful hair, the freedom of the ocean and those gorgeous voices of yours! Growing up, who didn’t want to be a mermaid?! Don’t lie to me…I know you would attempt ‘the mermaid swim’ at your local swimming pool wondering just how easy it would be if you in fact had no feet but just one long tail. Anyone? No? Just me? Ok, moving on…

Now, having a mermaid themed wedding could turn tacky VERY fast so my advice to you is to stick with 2 of 3 main colours and compliment with silvers and greys. Of course one of the best things about mermaids is that they have a lot of fun so don’t be afraid to go a bit crazy with it! It’s essentially a beach theme but with more colorful and fun elements thrown in!

Mermaid Inspiration 1

Photo Credits: Blue/green hair- Precious Stone & Oyster Escort Cards- Cuppa Photography VIA Style Me Pretty


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Hot Air Balloons Baby!

I don’t know if you heard, but last week was all about the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta! Europe’s largest ballooning event attracted hundreds and thousands of people to gawk at all of the balloons!  They even had a minion from Despicable Me & a balloon styled around Up! #amazeballs As if that wasn’t enough there was even fairground rides, delicious food stalls and bars, face painting, an arts and craft fair and the world famous Red Arrows!

Hot Air Balloon 1

Image Credit: Leah Marie Photography VIA Green Wedding Shoes & BB Photography VIA La Fete Weddings

The bad news is…I didn’t get to go. (boohoo!) I was so gutted! But instead of moping about it (ok. I kind of moped about it a little bit) I started dreaming away about a hot air balloon wedding theme and how cute it would be!


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Game Of Thrones

Ok so I have to be completely honest here… I have never watched Game of Thrones. Reason being the first time I decided to sit down and give it my full attention, the episode was about a rather unfortunate circumstance with a gorgeous husky puppy. Everyone knows I’m a huge animal lover so I was put off from the get go, but that hasn’t stopped me being fascinated by the theme. It is never long until a theme like this influences wedding fashion so I wanted to experiment to see how it can be done in a way that isn’t so medieval but instead celebrates the dark colours and fashion in a modern way and I think iv sort of accomplished that?

Let me know what you think? Not to bad for my first ever inspiration board either…If I might say so myself 🙂

Game of thrones 1


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Candy Land

About a month ago I mentioned that I had watched a documentary on the TV about Heston’s Fantastical Food and how he created a sweet shop in the style of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! A real life Candy land! Of course I couldn’t resist doing a little snooping on the net to see how this would play out as a wedding theme! Think over the top…colourful…and above all…FUN!

Candly Land 1