Fashion Friday: An Afternoon In The Sun

Fashion Friday An Afternoon In The Sun

Wowza!! How hot has this weather been?! I AM LOVING IT! It’s no secret that i’m a sucker for the sun and feel even more happy when it’s shining bright. I mean seriously though, doesn’t everyone feel happier when the sun is out? I swear my normal Facebook news feed is a bunch of people moaning about various things, but this week? Not a complaint in sight, well ok there’s the occasional sunburnt story or two but that’s neither here nor there, it seems like this weather is putting smiles on everyone’s faces and mine & Emily’s is no exception! We had a fab afternoon in the sun this week, bouncing ideas off each other and planning our blogging schedule for the upcoming month! I always have a huge surge of motivation when we do this because we both know exactly who’s doing what where and it often means we have lots of new exciting projects to start and complete! What does one where to such an afternoon though? Here’s what we ‘threw on’…


Fashion Friday: International Picnic Day!

1 Fashion Friday

If you didn’t already know this Tuesday was dedicated as international picnic day. Unfortunately the weather man didn’t seem to receive the news because most of this week has been very rainy indeed. However, for just that one day the sun battled through and made a bright appearance. Temperatures soared to 24c and everyone from our town could be found in our local park. Both myself and Jess were not going to miss an opportunity to celebrate ┬áthe national day so we headed out with pasta, strawberries and of course salt n vinegar twirls, and made the most of the surroundings by taking pictures for this week’s fashion Friday!


Fashion Friday: Milkshakes, Meals & Mischief!

Silver Fox Cafe1

Silver Fox Cafe2


We’ve been in cafe’s for two Fashion Friday’s in a row now, but can you blame us? Every time we schedule in a little Fashion Friday time it decides to rain! I’m not complaining though, especially when it involves some yummy lunch! This week we popped into the Silver Fox Cafe near Newnham, I drive past this place all the time but never think to stop in! It’s been visited by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones so we thought why not?! Here’s how we got on…


Fashion Friday: Tea At The Limetree

Fashion Friday 7 June-01

Fashion Friday 7 June-2

I love the Lime Tree. It’s a cute little restaurant/cafe that sits pretty in Chepstow and is always busy due to it’s yummy food and quaint wooden surroundings! It’s also about half way between where we live and Bristol which made it the perfect place to meet the lovely ladies; Emily Fisher and Laura Power for a very important business meeting! (accompanied by tapas of course…) Me & Em snapped these shots before our exciting talks began…We’ve got some news for you soon and a fun adventure ahead! But more on that in the upcoming months…for now it’s all about the polka dots, starry necklaces and fruit tea!