All Photography by Jules Photography Woo hoo it’s the weekend and to celebrate we have teamed with offbeat wedding photographer Jules Photographyto offer 5 very lucky readers in the States, a phenomenal offer. Although based in the UK,  we are proud to admit that we have a huge international readership, with half million readers coming solely from the US…


“I Love Weddings!” – 5 Reasons You Should Book Emily Johnson Photography!

Emily Johnson Photography

We are always on the lookout for new wedding businesses and talent here at Bespoke Bride, so you can imagine how delighted we were to be introduced to a fantastic emerging photographer, Emily Johnson photography. We spent some time chatting to her about photography, grilling her about her approach, creativity and style and we loved her so much that we thought it only right to introduce you. So we invited her to share with you the top 5 reasons you should book her as your wedding photographer!

Emily’s first point is particularly pertinent as you may have noticed that we are heavily into detail on this blog but that doesn’t mean we don’t notice the special moments! For us it is the photos that show couples tearing up with joy as they say their vows, the moment the father of the bride embraces his daughter with pride, the hugs, the laughter and the pure excitement that really make a wedding special. This is what makes Emily’s approach to wedding photography right up our street! Please give her a warm welcome…

Emily Johnson Photography

Here is what she had to say:

1. I Love the Special Little Moments!

My approach to wedding photography is incredibly informal. I like to document the story of your day as it unfolds. I am always looking for little moments. Whether that be your Granny making last minute alterations to your dress or the look in your Dad’s eyes as he walks you down the aisle. I love real moments, genuine expressions and my hope is that each and every client will have an honest narrative of their day.

2. I Love Getting To Know You!

I make a genuine effort to get to know each and every one of my couples before the big day. I think this really helps us have a laugh and get those genuine shots. There is nothing better than getting to know one another over a cup of tea and a piece of cake!


Claire Macintyre, The Perfect Vintage & Alternative Photographer For You…

Claire Macintyre Photography

Good morning lovelies!! Today I want to introduce you to a very special photographer, Claire Macintyre. Claire’s creative approach applies a relaxed, fun and unique style to the living, breathing world of wedding photography. When she’s at the wedding, she’s a part of it, which means her images are more involved and have that ‘present feeling’. Like a best friend has taken a picture, not a stranger! Now I could sit here and tell you all about Claire but the best way for you to get to know her just a little bit better would be through her own words, so without further ado I’ll pass you over to the wonderfully talented and not to mention, lovely, Claire Macintyre…

“My name is Claire, and I am a vintage wedding photographer. I live in the beautiful Berkshire countryside with my wonderful partner and handsome and astonishingly cool 5 year old son who both put up with my ever expanding collection of taxidermy and curios.

I am completely obsessed with all things vintage and retro and have been known to cover not only myself but my home in as many vintage treasures I can find, and when not taking pictures of wonderful people I can be found knee deep in junk shops and carboots and head to the Brocantes and flea markets of France at least twice a year. I am also the Vintage Curator at the UK based The Retro Festival, where I can let out all my vintage glitter in one big yearly POP!”

“My favourite movie is Amelie, my favourite book is Catcher In The Rye and my favourite TV Show is Mad Men, and I drive a bright blue 1974 classic VW Beetle called Betsy, she is so much fun!

I come from a theatrical and fashion background, and this influences my style very much, and I always love finding those stunning, natural and poignant moments in a wedding that surprise and delight when my couples get their precious pictures back.


Win Your Wedding Photography with SilverStar Photographic

SilverStar Photography Competition

Hi guys!! Today we are hosting a giveaway with husband and wife team SilverStar Photographic. You might remember Michelle and Rich as the creative’s behind this ‘Neon Twist’ inspired shoot that we featured on our blog not so long back! I had so much fun getting to know Michelle, especially as she filled me in on their imminent trip down route 66. As a travel lover I was fascinated and a little jealous of course! These two have so much personality; it will be a pleasure to see them photograph the wedding of one lucky BB reader.

Do you want to know how you could be in with a chance of winning??


Have Your Story Told: Creative Wedding Photos from The Image Garden Photography



I have been looking forward to sharing the work of The Image Garden Photography, for a while now, ever since I saw Sharron’s fabulous work gracing the pages of Rock My Wedding, last year. There was something about the photography that really resonated with me, the emotions that she captures are astounding, it’s not just the look on her subjects faces either, even the lighting is beautifully creative and adds a sense of sentiment.

Apart from being a wonderfully talented photographer, she is also one of the most loveliest people you will meet, so if you are looking for someone to tell the real story of your day then I couldn’t recommend Sharron highly enough, here she is to tell you more…


Tell us about the Image Garden, how you began and what you do?

Hello lovely Bespoke Bride readers, I’m Sharron Gibson at The Image Garden Photography. I fell in love with photographing weddings 5 years ago after I did my MA in photojournalism (I used to be a journalist at the BBC), but my love for photography grew to big and I gave that up to photograph weddings full time 3 years ago. I still adore everything about them, the happiness, the emotions and the beauty of it all. My style is very natural, unobtrusive – I’m very much grounded in telling the story of the day – but I love making images that are creative, beautiful and full of emotion.


Win Your Wedding Photography with Scuffins Photography!!

© Chris Scuffins |

We are so excited to announce that we have a very special competition for you today! You may have noticed we welcomed a new alternative portrait and wedding photographer to Bespoke Bride a couple of months ago, so please say and huge ‘HELLO’ to Chris and Helen. They are a super talented duo who quite literally eat, sleep and breathe photography and today they want to offer one lucky couple the chance to win their wedding photography with them.

Chris and Helen have a special passion for capturing the small moments, the moments that are usually lost or those that go unnoticed by others. They believe it is these moments that are so special and important. As Chris quite rightly says, “The first time you see something, maybe the last time it’s there”.



Meet Lumière Photography!

Lumiere Photography

Don’t you just love it when you get to know more about the people and businesses behind those lovely ads in our sidebar? We sure do and today we’re catching up with the lovely Alix from Lumière Photography! Alix is a fairly new sponsor to Bespoke Bride so everyone please give her a warm welcome and lots of big waves! Here’s your chance to know more about the French flared photographer who’s tagline couldn’t be more true: La vie est belle: life is beautiful…

Hey Alix, how’s everything with you at the moment? All settled into 2014 nicely?

Yes! I’ve been using the quieter months to better my website and get in touch with blogs who fit my style. I finally got the hang of Twitter and other tools too! One thing I love in my job is the unpredictability of it, I’m ready for new adventures..

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself….

I am a French photographer (with 3 Italian grandparents) married to a Gujarati man and based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. I came to the UK for a year.. 25 years ago. I still miss France – the light, the sea, the food, my family and friends- and visit when I can.

I photograph all kinds of weddings and ceremonies in the UK and Europe, from a Mosque wedding to a Pagan handfasting, a same sex marriage to an Evangelical Church service. I enjoy how unique every ceremony is and the diversity of my work. It’s full of surprises!

Lumière Photography 1

If you could describe your photography style in 3 words, what would they be?

Warm, emotional, celebrational- is that a word? My tag line is La vie est belle: life is beautiful


Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, the easy way!


Ever wish you could find your perfect wedding photographer the easy way? Being able to search by location, style and price and being able to see examples of their work right there and then without having to trawl through tons and tons of different websites?? Well look no further my friend because there is a solution for you! is a fantabulous site designed especially for that.


You can easily browse local Wedding Photographers by budget, viewing a range of styles from creative and contemporary wedding photographers, through to unique reportage photos full of character, or perhaps if you’re looking to add some fun with a Wedding Photo Booth you can find that too!

Me & Emily absolutely love this website purely because it isn’t just your average wedding directory, it’s an amazing platform for photographers that offers so much more than just a website link, we were browsing through loads of wedding photographers  and some of them even have special offers on their profile! Bonus! The best thing for us though is the fact that you can connect with that business on all of their social media right away! It’s a great way to make connections and provides you brides with so many easy ways to get in touch with so many awesome photographers! Sounds great doesn’t it?

We caught up with Sam from the team to find out more…

Why did you create ‘Your Perfect Wedding Photographer?

We wanted to be different, we wanted to make it fun, easy and inspirational for brides and grooms to find their perfect wedding photographer, there are a lot out there, a lot of different prices, and a lot of different styles, so we wanted to make it a little easier to browse these.

From a photographers point of view we wanted to showcase what they do best, their photos! A simple profile page that holds all their details and showcasing their work. For us the photos do the speaking and can help couples find what they want without them knowing what they are looking for!


Meet Craig Dearsley; Creative Photographer. Fantastic Friend. And An All Round Awesome Human Being

Meet Craig

If you’ve been a reader of Bespoke Bride for a while then you’ll know that Craig Dearsley is one of our absolute favourite photographers in the world! Why you ask? Is it because of his charismatic beard? Or the fact he has one of the coolest (and cutest!) families in the world? Well sure, that helps, but mostly it’s because of his ability to capture people’s pure emotion and personalities on camera.

Craig Dearsley 1

Way back in February this year we had a photo shoot with Craig on the beach at Weston (yes…we know….the beach…in February…it was cold.) Now you may not think this but me and Emily are pretty camera shy, well point a camera at us and we’re all ‘oh god! Act naturally! Wait what should we do? Should we smile? Should we look at the camera? Is my hair doing something weird? Must. Stop. Slouching.’ But luckily for us, Craig was our photographer, which meant it was actually a day of fun and laughter and feeling completely relaxed in front of the camera. He was brilliant at directing us, capturing us naturally and making us feel at ease! Something I know, brides and grooms will want to feel on their wedding day! Am I right? We caught up with Craig so you lovely people could get to know him a little better too…

Heya Craig, how’s everything with you at the moment? All ready for Christmas?

Hello, I am great, I have had such a great year, I am feeling really motivated and excited for 2014. Do you know for the first time ever we have totally nailed Christmas, I am feeling rather relaxed and festive (and smug).

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself…. 

I’m Craig, a creative portrait/wedding photographer living in the suburbs of west London with my lovely little family.

I am tall, beardy and my wife says that I’m over-organised (if that is such a thing!).

I absolutely adore taking photos and have fallen in love with shooting weddings, the anticipation and excitement really makes me smile from ear to ear. I enjoy the whole experience from the moment I find out the plans to my couples reaction when they receive their pictures.


Say Hello To Sarah Wayte Photography…


Want to meet an awesome photographer who not only captures the emotion of your day but also creates some fantastic artistic pieces while she’s at it? Of course you do! So let me introduce you…Welcome to Sarah Wayte photography. Sarah is the sort of lady who loves to get to know you over coffee and cake, want some advice on vendors? She can help. How about a photographer that makes you feel at ease about having your photo taken before your big day? That’s her! Plus, she loves cats, and anyone who loves cats is good in our books! We grilled Sarah to find out exactly why and how she became so passionate about photography and why she’s perfect for you lovely Bespoke Bride readers!

Sarah, Why did you become a wedding photographer?

My life is a series of accidents, which is exactly how I came to be a wedding photographer, so the why is a little difficult! Why I continued to be a wedding photographer after that first foray, though, is easy. It’s one of the happiest jobs on the planet! And my Dad always told me, when I was growing up, that if you do a job that makes you happy, you’ll never work another day in your life. Two years later and I have to say, Dad is so totally right. I’ve always had a fascination for people-watching and observing relationships between people, and photography is my passion, so being a wedding photographer has to be the best combination of those two things and it suits me to a tee.

Sarah Wayte 1

What do you offer to your clients?

From a photography point of view, I offer the full package. I believe my clients should have the full story of their wedding day so I stay with my clients from first thing in the morning when the bride is getting ready, right the way through to their first dance in the evening. Sometimes, I even stay later if people don’t mind me throwing a few shapes on the dance floor! I offer 2 different albums to cater for different budgets and lots of different add-ons such as all the edited images on disc, prints and canvasses and other items. Every client gets an engagement session included in their wedding package and I’ll meet with them as many times as they need me to leading up to their big day.

Aside from a photographer, my clients also get a set of ears to bend should they need it. I’m happy to meet with clients and help them with their planning problems – over coffee and cake, preferably! They’ll also get excitable emails from me, suggestions for possible vendors, if they want them, and lots of smiles and crap jokes to help them through the stress of planning their weddings.

Sarah Wayte 2

What makes you different?

Wow, this is such a difficult question! As far as being a wedding photographer goes, I wouldn’t say I am different. I come to your wedding, I photograph it in the way I see best and then I present you with your photographs. Nothing different about that. What is different about me is probably my outlook on life. I believe less in following old traditions for the sake of it, but more in setting new traditions that mean something to you. I believe in doing things your own way, in “live and let live”, in love and in marriage and happiness and family. I see beauty in everything – laughter lines, a dusty shelf, old photographs… and this is what translates into my photography. I don’t just work to capture the details and the story of a wedding day, I work to capture the emotion and feeling of that day too.