Everyone loves a free download right?! Well how about 8 FREE DOWNLOADS! If you’re newly engaged (eek congrats!) or already well into your wedding planning stages then we’ve got the perfect phone wallpaper for you! We figured why not keep a cute little countdown right in your pocket to remind you how close you are to that special day (plus they couldn’t be more bright, colourful and fun if they tried!)

If you haven’t quite set the date yet then worries, simply use the ‘woohoo let’s plan this wedding!’  phone wallpaper until that venue is booked and the date is confirmed! Once that’s ready we’ve got a countdown from when you’re one year away, all the way down to one week away and TODAY’S THE DAY!!

To download the wallpapers simply click on the images below and save the full size, full resolution versions! Woohoo! Happy wedding planning!!

We hope you guys love these as much as we do and that they make your wedding planning experience even more exciting! Don’t forget you can check out the rest of our downloads and printables here! xxx


I don’t know about you, but I’m a serious list maker! There’s something so therapeutic to me about getting everything I need to do out of my head and onto a list, it helps me feel more organised and I know there’s no way i’m going to forget anything because i’ve got it all written down in front of me! That being said, the same applies to weddings. The lead up to a wedding can be quite a stressful, manic time, worrying if you’ve remembered everything and trying to get everything organised in time, we feel you! So to help we’ve created this handy last minute wedding checklist!

Of course not everything will apply to everyone, you may be having a minimal wedding with less things to remember or perhaps you’ve actually got more things you need to add to the list, well do not worry, we’ve left spaces for you add in your own options if you need to!


You know what it’s like, you’ve thrown a great party and you were having so much fun that you forgot to take any photos?! Know the feeling? Well good news…the solution is a DIY photobooth! Set one up before the party, it’ll run itself and you’ll have tons of photos of your guests (and you if you jump in!) by the end of the night!

If you’re stuck for ideas on backdrops for your DIY photo booth then we’ve got plenty of tutorials for you here! Once that’s decided it’s time to jazz up your booth with a bunch of fun props! We have a whole bunch of downloadable photo booth props here, from Snapchat props to mermaid props and Beyonce props to festival themed! Today though, we wanted to share with you our BRAND NEW set of New Years Eve props!! Just in time for the upcoming celebrations!


Oh we love a free printable don’t we?! And what better time to give freebies than at Chrsitmas?! Remember last year when we created this fun free printable pool float gift wrap?! Or this flair wrapping paper?! We even designed some cute printable gift tags last year and you guys loved our printable Christmas envelope liners too! Well this year is no exception and today I wanted to share with you our free printable wrapping paper for 2017!

We’ve really upped the cute factor this time and love the pastel colour scheme! There are 3 different designs to choose from (or why choose when you can just have them all?!). First up is the adorable gingerbread man, he’s backed onto a white background and looks adorable with pink ribbon wrapped around the gift! Then there’s our pastel blue gift wrap with candy canes and lollipops on! Then there’s also our pastel pink wrap with delicious mugs of hot chocolate all over! Fun right?! You can download them all below: