With Halloween soon to be upon us, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite cocktail recipes. If you ‘re throwing a party this weekend, we promise you will earn major points with your ghoul gang by serving any of these cocktails with our favourite Halloween candy.

1. Spookily Good Cocktail: What’s Halloween without a funky green cocktail. This recipe is super simple and contains only a few ingredients that your bound to keep in your drinks cupboard. (Photo by Bespoke Bride)

2. White Widow: “The white widow deserves her reputation as a killer”, never a truer word said. This creamy cocktail looks and tastes like a dessert, which means its should probably come with a warning. (Photo by Colleen Jeffers, The Good Drink via Best Friends for Frosting)


3. Skull Shot: This cocktail will certainly set the theme for the night. Containing every single one of my favourite spirits including coffee vodka and baileys, and with a shot of espresso, makes this my new go to Halloween drink. (Photos by Madcitizen via Pottery Barn)

4. Quick Demise: Mix some citrus fruit, a carrot, vodka and cardamom ginger simple syrup for a cocktail that will warm your cockles on a dark Halloween evening. (Photo by Colleen Jeffers, The Good Drink via Best Friends for Frosting)


5. Halloween Monster Floats: This is another of our favourite green cocktails and when paired with these creepy drink stirrers, they’re sure to amp up a gruesome tablescape. (Photo by Salty Canary)

6. Blood Red Sun of Fantastic LA: This cocktail is so easy to make you can whip up it up in batch for when your guests want something spooky to sip. (Photo by Jesse Chamberlain, Our Labor of Love via Design Love Fest)


7. Magic Cotton Candy Martini: This cocktail is fabulous for those with a sweet tooth. (Photo via The Cookie Rookie)

8. Dark & Stormy Cocktail: This is the perfect creepy cocktail for Halloween but can just as easily be served at any other time of year with its fruity vibes. (Photo by Colleen Jeffers, The Good Drink via Sugar & Cloth)

9. Witch’s Brew: Adding dry ice to your cocktail will add an extra spooky feel. (Photo via Pizzazzerie)

10. Halloween Eyeball Punch: Warning this punch contains eyeballs, REALLY! (Photo via Olivia’s Cuisine)


11. Mr Hyde Potion: This ones for fellow Once Upon a Time lovers. (Photo by Sam Henderson via HGTV)