8 Top Tips for Getting the Most From Your Sponsored Post

8 top tips on how to create a successful sponsored post


We are so excited to be launching our brand new media kit within the next week or so! It has been a long time coming and will see a few changes to the way we do things around here. Whilst putting it together we have been reviewing our sponsored posts to see what has made many of them so successful and we thought it would be useful to share these tips with you too.

In blogging world we are still only babies, so trying and testing has been our preferred method of learning. We have spent the last two years evaluating our sponsored posts to find out what  makes them so effective, we have experimented with different layouts, formats and content and would like to think after all that, that we now have a good idea of the types of information and features that will make a sponsored post that bit more awesome!

Now I am not saying these tips are relevant to all blogs, as we all have our different ways of doing things and I am definitely not saying that adhering to all these tips will open the floodgates for millions of enquiries. Instead I would like to give you a little insight into our sponsored post process and hopefully shed the light on a few hints and tips that might maximise your chances of a successful sponsored post.


20% Off Advertising & Sponsored Posts To Celebrate Our Birthday!!!

Bespoke Bride blog Emily Pettiford & Jessica Turley

All Images courtesy of Matt Somerville Photography

Did we mention it’s our Birthday this month? That’s right, Bespoke Bride is the grand old age of 2 years and what a fantastic 2 years it’s been! We are so thankful for all your support these past two years and to say thank you, we will be hosting giveaways and discounts throughout November.

To kick start a month of great offers we would like to do something for those of you that have a unique, bespoke or personal service to offer to our wonderful readers.Whether you are an emerging talent or well known designer if you believe you service fits the bill we want you!

Our readers are honestly the bees knees and they all come to this site to search for businesses that are innovative, original and scream individuality! Our couples are looking for creative photographers, fabulous frocks, bold stationery, super styling,  handmade wedding accessories and much much more!

So you are probably reading this and thinking, hold up, thats me!

Well today we have an offer that is not to be missed!

Advertising on Bespoke Bride

To Celebrate!

We are offering 20% off all bookings on our 350 x 100 banner ads until the 21st November, making them just £20 for a month, thats only£1.55 a day. Even better, if you book blocks of 3 months you will receive a 25% discount and blocks of 6 months means 30% discount! It can’t get much better than that or can it??

We have also decided to offer a 20% discount on our sponsored posts for the rest of November, ok now seriously someone has to stop us, those are some crazy deals going on up in here!


10 Mistakes and Lessons Learned As A New Blogger

sicillian dreams

Sicilian Dreams by Tom Craig for Vogue Russia, May 2013

You might have noticed that we haven’t posted our normal Wednesday Wedding inspiration today and you may be wondering why? Well due to a few errors on our part, the way in which we credit our inspiration boards is being re-evaluated, so we thought today would be perfect timing to lay a few of our cards on the table in order to help others get started on their own blogging journeys.

Life is about making mistakes. I would like to meet someone that hadn’t made a mistake in their time! Today however, we are not interested in the mistakes more the lessons learned from those mistakes and how you went about handling them. So to honour that we have outlined 10 of  the biggest mistakes that we have made or seen done in our first couple of years of blogging so that you can learn from them as well as us.

It goes without saying these mistakes will never be made again however I can’t promise that we won’t make more…

Don’t Just Blog About Your Own Brand!

When we first started Bespoke Bride I suppose we were a little unsure of how we would be received as there were already so many other wedding blogs out there. We felt like we had to get our brand out there and recognised as soon as possible, Right? Wrong! Just blogging about Bespoke Bride and weddings got very monotonous very quickly and readers were BORED! Thats right we were BORING! You need to blog about more than your brand, be more personal, explore other avenues, blog about others and if you do want to blog about your brand do it in a helpful way so that you aren’t just ‘selling’ a product.

Stay True to your Niche!

It is extremely easy to get caught up in what others in your sector are doing. We often got caught up comparing ourselves to others but this only meant that we were steering towards becoming more like them instead of finding ourselves. Becoming the same as someone else in my opinion is a recipe for disaster!

When Jess returned home from Blogcademy, we discussed exactly what we wanted for Bespoke Bride. We quickly realised that although we both wanted our blog to inspire others to have personal, original and unique weddings, our blog wasn’t conveying that in the best way, purely because we were too worried about keeping up with everyone else and fitting in. That led us to a complete rebrand with a new website and features. Now I’m not saying go and overhaul your whole blog, i’m just saying stay true to you and what you stand for.  I finally believe that now we have found our niche, we no longer compare ourselves to anyone else and it has definitely made a difference to our readers and our blogs success.

Never Send Mass Emails!

No matter how genuine they may be, if the exact same email is sent to more than one it instantly comes across as insincere. It might be a great time saver but unfortunately its not great for relationships and reputation, which as a new blogger is something you seriously need to build on.

If however, you do decide to mass email, at least make sure to change the name. I recently received an email entitled to someone else about how they really wanted their wedding to be featured on another blog – AWKWARD!


Our Rebrand is Complete, the Media Pack is Here!

Page 1

I know we keep going on about it but since our rebrand we have been totally bowled over by all the positive responses we have had about the new look of our site. It was a big deal for us and we are so glad that so many of you liked it. Once we rebranded, requests for advertising space started to trickle in and we thought it was about time we put together a proper media pack. It has taken us a few weeks, creating a fun and interesting media pack certainly didn’t happen overnight and we wanted to make sure it had all the information potential advertisers would need to see that Bespoke Bride would be the perfect advertising platform for them.

So we thought we would give you a little sneak preview of our brand spanking new media pack in all its colourful finery. It wasn’t easy creating a media pack that would sum up how we can help small businesses in just a few pages but I think we just about managed it so this is how we got there.

Page 2

Way back last year we were a small wedding blog trying to make our mark in wedding blog world then Jess attended the Blogacademy and everything changed. We realised we needed to show what we were really about, that meant showing our true colours and personalities and naturally the blog diversified. The final part of our rebrand was the media pack so we set about asking our wonderful suppliers and readers for quotes. It was one thing us standing there and telling everyone how great our site was but we wanted others that we had built business relationships with to tell their stories and along the way they also gave us some amazing advice. After all its others experiences with us that most of you will be interested in!

Luckily in the last couple of years we have had the chance to work with some awesome industry professionals, all of them successful business owners who were willing to  share their professional opinions and advice, all of which you will now find in our media pack.