I’m not sure weddings can get much cooler than the one I am about to share with you! These two had planned their entire wedding and had everything ready to go when they both decided it actually wasn’t what they had wanted. They were listening to a lot of people’s advice instead of listening to their hearts and in the end decided that getting married in Vegas was something they would both LOVE! And so…they eloped!

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Travel Gawker: I Want to go to… Vegas Baby, Yeah!

las vegas

I am very lucky to have a boyfriend that is just as interested in travel as I am. Actually, compared to me he is rocking some serious air miles so I am always asking him about the places he has visited and the places he still wants to see. Recently we got chatting about Las Vegas, Matt went on a stag party there a few years back (cue thoughts of the Hangover!) and has raved about how much I much I would love it ever since. I have to admit the bright lights and huge casino’s intrigue me, even though I have never gambled (unless you count the odd game of bingo with my nan?) I suppose its all to do with the lure of temptation, how does that song by Verona Grove go… “Las Vegas Nights Temptations high…” 


Inspiration Board: USA Themed Wedding!

Good evening my beauties!

Tonight’s post is a celebration to mark the end of an amazing two week trip to California. We are still struggling a tad with the time difference so this post is a little later than usual and we think that the fact that we are so excited to share our three amazing photo shoots with you is also keeping us up, the excitement is like a ticking time bomb, we might just explode!