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1. You’re Overwhelmed With Too Much Tech

Technology has given us more choice than we could ever have imagined but with the explosion in the number of wedding related websites it’s not surprising brides and grooms-to-be are becoming increasingly overwhelmed, making the search for the wedding suppliers more difficult and the chances of small business owners being seen a lot less likely.

Solution: With so many wedding related websites available, it’s hard to know which ones to choose when it comes to searching for your suppliers, but the important thing is to take your time and do your research. Do an internet search using the keywords you would use to describe your wedding i.e Festival, Boho, Unique, speak to friends and get their recommendations, what sites did they use or find most helpful when it comes to finding suppliers and inspiration? This will take time but the more research you do the more likely you are to find the right suppliers for you.

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2. Buying Online Seems Like Too Much Of a Risk

Online wedding sales are rising, but with the increase comes a new challenge. How to determine who can be trusted with your money and who can’t? We have all heard the horror stories of brides that have bought gowns that look stunning online, only to receive a product later that was worlds away from what they had envisioned and with a growing number of websites offering cheap copies of designer gowns, the struggle is real.

Solution: It is so important to do your research when buying anything online. Have a good read of the website, check out it’s terms & conditions, read the reviews and the blog if it has one. These will all help you determine if the site is a trustworthy source. Find out if the supplier is able to send samples first? If you’re looking for something to be personalised, find out what the supplier will need from you before you order, don’t be afraid to ask questions and check out their delivery times. All of these tips will make sure your buying from a reputable source and will avoid any big wedding day disasters.

3. Your Budget is Unrealistic

Although many couples will enter into their wedding planning with a budget, as they step a little further into it, they almost immediately discover that there wedding will cost much more than they had originally planned.

Solution: Sit down with your partner and discuss what you would ideally want from your wedding day, then do your research and find out how much these things are going to cost. Once you have this number in your head you will be able to decide if you can realistically afford what you have in mind without going broke or whether you are going to have to get creative or save more.


Our Top 5 Must Have Wedding Ipad Apps of 2014!

Long gone are the days where you’re forced to plan a wedding completely by yourself, with the rise of Ipads, Ipad mini’s, Iphones and an abundance of apps in the app store it’s never been easier to get organised for your wedding! But which do you choose? How do you know which ones really are the best? Don’t sweat it sister! We’ve downloaded and trialled a bunch of them so you don’t have to!

Happy wedding planning is just a few clicks away! Here are our top 5 must have wedding apps for 2014…

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner


We could almost end the whole list of wedding apps you need right here because The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner helps you with pretty much everything! It allows you to countdown days to your wedding, provides you with the ultimate checklist, helps you track your budget, search for a dress and much much more! This really is an EPIC wedding planning app, and the best news? It’s free! The only downfall (if you’re reading in the UK!) is that it’s very tailored for America, all the budget prices are in dollars but it’s still super useful! If a UK version comes out, we’ll let you know!

Appy Couple


Boy do we love Appy Couple!! I mean, who wouldn’t love an app that let’s you design you’re own ‘wedding app’ for the rest of your guests to download and receive all of the information about your wedding in one place?! It has over 300 designs to coordinate with your wedding theme, an event timeline, RSVPs and a hell of a lot more! Plus our favourite thing about the app is that guests can upload photos and share stories after your big day! How cute and personal is that?!


Is Social Media Making Your Wedding Day Less Private?

It’s not often that we accept guest posts but when this one dropped into our inbox we could’t resist posting it because we feel it’s such an interesting topic! With the rise of social media and almost everyone owning iphones or smart phones it’s easy to see how times have changed…

Social Media

‘It’s fair to say that social media sites have had a massive impact on our lives. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have connected us to friends, relatives and strangers wherever they are in the world, allowing us to talk about whatever is on our mind, any time of day.

But all this online networking does have its drawbacks. Everyone knows a story about a job interview that never happened because bosses did not like what they saw on Twitter, or a tale to tell about embarrassing photos on Facebook that come back to haunt in new relationships.

And for couples about to tie the knot social media can also be a minefield of dos and absolutely do not’s.


Top 10 Wedding Apps for Android and Iphone

With technology becoming ever more important in our day to day lives its not suprising that there are now apps you can download to your phone that can also help you organise big events in your life such as your wedding day.

Here at Bespoke Bride our phones are loaded with wedding apps such as pinterest, Wedding Gawker and the Knots wedding dress lookbook. So we have decided to share with you our top apps in order to make planning your day a little more easy just with the help of your phone.