A Rock The Frock Shoot & A Perfect Picnic: Rachael & Aaron

Are you ready for something slightly different and wonderful today?

This is the first EVER ‘Rock The Frock’ photo shoot to have  featured on Bespoke Bride and as far as rock the frocks go this is pretty darn awesome!! Rachael and Aaron have received a fair bit of coverage on their wedding already being featured in magazines and popular wedding blog Rock N Roll Bride.

We were thrilled when photographer Craig Dearsley asked if we would like to feature this cool couples rock the frock shoot. The couple married at the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in May of last year.

 Rachael and Aarons wedding day was heavily inspired by heavy metal music, tattoo culture and baroque decor, so this shoot is quite a comparison as the backdrop chosen was a beautifully sunny woodland in Berkshire with pastel coloured streamers, picnic blankets and deck chairs.

The couple used an all star wedding vendor list; Honeypie Boutique for Rachael’s dress, Janine Basil for her headpiece and one of our fave’s and of course Craig’s beautiful wife Veronica Dearly created their bespoke paper goods and stationery.


Sunday Sharing & Weekly Round up: Rain Rain Go Away…

Happy Sunday guys and gals. We hope you have all had a fantabulous week and that your weekends haven’t been too much of a wash out. In the Forest of Dean this weekend many a home and business has become victim of the flood waters so as part of our Sunday sharing today, we would like to extend our sympathies and support to those affected.

So what has been going on in the world of weddings this week…?


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Baroque ‘n’ Roll

We admit it. We spend a lot of our time drooling over the latest fashion trends and browsing through magazines looking at clothes that we simply can’t afford!

One of the fashion finds that have stuck in our mind for next season is Baroque; it’s dark, it’s edgy and even though it’s a trend from from 17th century this look has something very futuristic about it. Think bold patterns, huge costume jewellery & a style that’s very extravagant.

We loved this trend so much we felt it only necessary to apply it to a wedding theme! Yes…most people would simply wear it, but why not lavish your tables with this trend & cover your cake with it? Our inspiration board is based primarily around the black and gold trend of baroque but we think silver, black & blue would rock just as much!

Dolce and Gabanna would be proud!