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It’s no secret how much we love The Wedding Garter Co and their beautiful garters so when we heard they were creating a site specifically for the US we just knew we had to share it with our readers across the pond! The good news is the site still features all of the gorgeous garters that are available on the UK site and don’t worry, if you don’t live in the UK or USA, The Wedding Garter Co still ship worldwide from their shop in Bath! To celebrate the new launch we thought we would share a few of our favourites garters…all styled amongst pretty flowers and macarons of course….


Capturing Love, Architecture & History – An Engagement Shoot in The City of Bath – Becca & Alex

Alex and Rebecca's Engagement shoot by Bigeye Photography (54 of 117)

When this engagement shoot from Marcus, Big Eye Photography dropped into our inbox I simply could not resist showing you all, not only because I love Christmas (obviously) but because me & Emily love Bath so much! It’s a truly beautiful city with such fantastic architecture and cute little unique shops! We love how Marcus has captured not only the love of Becca & Alex but also the beauty of the city.

Bath Engagement 1

To start the day they all walked from the Spa, down Sydney Road and onto the beautiful Great Pulteney St. After a few shots there and a small diversion into a beautiful park they found, they headed for the Pulteney Bridge where Marcus ‘fully could not resist shooting into the sun and getting all moody!’ (his words not mine!) He then took a few more shots around the Christmas market and arcade before they all grabbed a mince pie and headed off for a few final shots in and around Parade Gardens. How fun does that sound?! The photos speak for themselves, but here’s Becca to tell us more about how Alex and her met, got engaged and why they chose Bath for their engagement session….


Romance 101: Ditch the cliche gifts!

With Valentine’s day fast approaching I can’t help but think about all of the couples that will be squashed into busy restaurants receiving the oh so classic gifts that recur year after year. You know the ones…


As lovely as they are, they scream CLICHE. These items can be romantic when they’re spontaneous and ‘just because’, but with Valentines Day, we could do so much better! Seriously, what’s romantic about walking into Tesco the day before and picking up the first bunch of flowers you see? Anyone could do that.

I hate to say it people but…

Real romance isn’t manufactured. It’s individual and thoughtful.